Syria, a relentlessly without end

Syrie, un acharnement sans fin

Already concerned by the first wave of the pandemic that never ends, and the second that we are promised, a battle of titans in the security Council of the UN has left no marks this week on our radar. However, those resolutions, the diplomatic concern of the real world caught up in a real misery and threatened by a coronavirus.

Everyone knows about that it goes wrong in Syria. In the wave of “arab spring” of 2011, Syrians have defied the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad, which has responded with fierce repression. The country was plunged into a terrible civil war in which the torturers of Assad have vied horror-with the executioners of the islamic State.

The Kurds, who had cleaned the north and east of the country from the islamists, were thanked by being abandoned by the United States. The Russians, loyal to their alliance with Damascus, have pounded the opponents of the regime with bombings in the wild, without worrying about the civilian population.

Meanwhile, the twelve million Syrians fled their homes, either for abroad or for another corner of Syria. Of massacres in the massacres, there are no more – except for the portion of the country controlled by the kurdish guerrillas – as a pocket of rebels in the north-west of Syria. A big pocket, it must be said : about three million people directly dependent on humanitarian aid coming from abroad.


This humanitarian aid goes through two checkpoints at the Turkish border that Syria supported the united Nations by Moscow and Beijing wants to close. The russians and Chinese perceive the delivery of food, medicines and other goods, over the head of Damascus, as a violation of its sovereignty.

The other members of the security Council did illusionnent not on the intentions of Bashar al-Assad : humanitarian aid would be in the hands of the dictator as the ultimate weapon to force the last rebels to abandon their opposition at the risk of literally dying of hunger.


After nine years of grueling clashes, you may not be given the benefit of the doubt to the syrian regime. The Council of human rights of the united nations has unveiled a report upsetting this week on the efforts of the last seven months by the syrian army and its allies russians to occupy areas that are beyond their control in the north-west of the country.

The report reads like a script from a horror movie with ” of the bombing generalized and blind “, ” civilian infrastructure decimated “, “towns and villages depopulated” and ” hundreds of men, women, and children killed “. The UN investigators, at the sight of ” many hospitals, schools and markets have been destroyed by air attacks and ground “, do not hesitate to speak of war crimes.

Unfortunately for the fleeing civilians, the alternative is no better : the rapporteurs say that the extremist muslims who control this last pocket of resistance ” have plundered the abandoned houses “, “arrested, tortured and executed civilians expressing dissenting views,” and ” bombed indiscriminately densely populated areas administered by the government.”

And now, it is the pandemic threat. Really, it remains completely black by the end of the tunnel for the Syrians.

Syria, a country fragmented

source : statista

The distress syrian

Up to 500 000 dead since 2011

6.6 million displaced inside the country

5.6 million exiles

  • Turkey : 3.6 million
  • Lebanon : 900 000
  • Germany : 700 000
  • Jordan : 657 000
  • Iraq : 245 000
  • Egypt : 130 000

♦ Between December 2015 and February 2016, Canada received 25 550 syrian refugees.

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