SZ: policy Rules “on the model of the tramp” led to the rapprochement of France with Russia

SZ: политика Макрона «по образцу Трампа» привела к сближению Франции с Россией

Emmanuel macron has become the principal defender of Vladimir Putin in Europe, writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Author Nadia Pantel believes that the reason such a course is that the macron intends to transform EU in an independent military force: the French leader believes that this goal will be easier to achieve with Russia.

The President of France Emmanuel macron is not grudge, the article says the Süddeutsche Zeitung. As the author writes Nadia Pantel in 2017 Vladimir Putin has done a lot in order not to prevent the victory of the Macron in the elections in France, however, this circumstance did not give rise to hostility: on the contrary, Makron has gradually become the main “patron” of Putin in Europe.According to Pantel, the reason lies in politics “deals” Donald trump, the Makron also values: American and French presidents see themselves as “smart managers” of their countries. Macron manages France using techniques that he had learned in an economic, not a political environment. Its main principles he calls the flexibility and efficiency. According to Pantel, the macron intends to transform EU in an independent military force: according to the French President, this goal is easier to achieve with Russia. Pantel said that such a behavior corresponds to the representation of the Macron about “efficiency”.As for “flexibility”, here Pantel cites the example of the attitude of the Makron to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: a year ago, the macron, called Orban “the main enemy of the EU”, and now speaks of him as “the key intellectual and political figure” and wants to work with him to convince Poland to increase their confidence in Russia.According to Pantel, the new Russian course Makron has not yet yielded tangible results. Last Friday in Paris announced that in December in the French capital, it is expected the arrival of the “Norman Quartet”, which will make another attempt to end the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. Pantel thinks it sounds optimistic, but there is no clear indication that Putin changed his position on Ukraine.

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