SZ: Washington wants to dictate to Germany how and from whom to buy energy

SZ: Вашингтон хочет диктовать Германии, как и у кого покупать энергию

The situation is paradoxical. On the one hand, the German government may suspend or slow the construction of passing through the Baltic sea pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, and it will be a justified step. But at the same time, the sanctions adopted by the House of representatives of the United States against companies involved in the construction of this pipeline, false, pretentious and hypocritical.Berlin and Moscow have begun work on the gas pipeline project many years ago. In some EU member States the project meets resistance, especially in Ukraine and Poland, because these countries will lose revenue from high customs duties for transit of gas through “their” pipelines. On the other hand, the construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany ensures that the overlap of gas, as it happens with land lines, even if this will result in the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Kiev. The second gas pipeline through the Baltic sea contradicts the interests of Ukraine, but best of Germany. And Russia is in any case a win-win.It’s not like the Americans who are allegedly concerned that Germany is too dependent on Russian gas. This language means nothing, as it is that Washington is not going to allow the Russians to earn on gas, including because America prefers to sell Europe and in particular Germany, your own gas.The sanctions recently adopted by the House of representatives against companies involved in the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, is implementation at the global level the strategy of “America first”, which in this case is shared by the majority of US Democrats. Simply put, Washington is going to dictate to Germany how and from whom to buy energy, and at the same time, to prevent Russia to make it.The EU must find ways of cooperation with RussiaSure, Moscow is really shameless, reprehensible policy of violence, annexing the Crimea in violation of international law, fomenting war at its borders and in other far away regions. But that doesn’t mean breaking up, cessation of trading, as well as opportunities to exert influence on the country. Russia is the largest neighbour of the EU, and we need to find ways to interact with it, although it is a semi-authoritarian state.However, when the Russian secret services in Berlin send an assassin to kill the man the Russian President calls a bandit, the German government should react. Recently Putin is blatantly and publicly lied about the circumstances of the “case”; unfortunately, the US President time and again lying, but that does not help.In connection with the Berlin murder if Moscow will refuse to cooperate in the investigation, it is necessary to give a clear answer — until the imposition of sanctions. Thus, an absurd situation in which Berlin is forced to consider the suspension of cooperation in the construction of the Baltic gas pipeline, although there may be a completely different reason than the ones being talked about in Washington. Berlin and really not to be envied: a former friend in the West the last couple of years behaves, as has long been accustomed to act neighbor to the East.

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