Taboo on taboo, or the Best recipe for Halloween

Табу на табу, или Лучший рецепт Хэллоуина

You did not know, how far can implanted without success, Western neo-liberalism? As for me, as he went Hawking. Some a couple of years ago, he did not jump out like a rabbit from a hat and made snake pass smoothly, disguising itself in the clothes of tolerance. Now he attacks, obscene and swoops. And attack, as you know, the ones who were defeated on other fronts.

To society in a liberal stall, today the targets are children. It would seem that we’ve heard the debate in France about the introduction of the norm of the concepts of “parent № 1” and “parent № 2” without indicating their gender instead of the classic “father” and “mother” at the time of registration of the born child so as not to offend the LGBT club. Heard enough about the need in many educational institutions of Western Europe to initiate children of primary school age in all the “depth” of human sexuality (with great emphasis on the right choice of their future orientation). Heard enough about the crafty cartoons and books where children explain on the fingers, but rather a member of the finger, where, and what should be included. In France itself, Bernard Henri levy, Amateur Ukrainian Maidan was once honored to sponsor such a cartoon. In Sweden to read fairy tales in kindergarten are invited to “the drag Queen”, do not forget to flicker to their children overripe fruit from under the skirts, worn on the naked body. And for this there is a special Fund.

And I’m not talking about those dutiful parents who (take the initiative to “tame” a tolerant society) suddenly saw in his boy a girl or Vice versa and began to stuff their offspring with hormones, in order to correct the “mistake” of nature. So they Express their unquestioning belonging to the society without sexual “racism”, even when asking the children whether they want it or not. And because children love their parents and torn, not knowing whom to please first her mother, wishing to change the sex of the baby, or dad, which is opposed to it.

Recently the Minister of justice, France announced that 13-year-old age should be regarded as enough for legal consent for sexual acts. After all, kindergarten has prepared the way… How cute, isn’t it: in a society where fundamental freedoms are infringed, they instead are given other freedoms, the ones that make you forget about the first. In this case the victim of this freedom are not even aware that they are free from themselves. They bend over backwards to outdo the already achieved “freedom,” and demand a new one.

Transgender people, being in a previous life, men, stately women visit public toilets to mark the territory continues to sonorous men’s jet.

In addition, amid the turmoil of the struggle against sexism is a constant equalization of the sexes. Just look at the famous fashion show, to see how feminine aspect rapidly migrates on the lost the last vestiges of the male is a male model. And Vice versa. The women remain behind men in terms of compensation for equivalent work man. Infringed is an ardent feminist in its natural status is preserved males subconsciously take it out on their female colleagues of sexual harassment. As they say, for that fought for it and ran.

And the industry of children’s toys immediately throws the future of the “new man” sexless Barbie and Ken as a seed. To have not got off the designated path. Snickering, the world elite in their desire to fabricate mindless slaves swung at the very human nature. No wonder the employee is known to political circles YouTube permanently removed the video two Russian girls Anna Skok, translated into English by me and my English colleague about how America has imposed around the world homosexuality. Know this is impossible, because “how wonderful discoveries we prepares enlightenment spirit”! That look, already confusing to the whistle in one place the rainbow community, having learned about deception, settle down and start to fall into this almost became a pariah heterosexuality.

And so, the “liberated” itself from nature, grown in a cynical fiction, and blatant propaganda of the powerful, had sailed on a long voyage around the world, raking in the mainstream hapless people obsessed with the dream to belong to Western civilization, at any price. At least with Maidana, even though the revolutions, though their war against their… Remember how persistently the European Union demanded from Poroshenko holding marches LGBT people in Ukraine as one of the implicit conditions for membership in it? Alphabetise lobby the European Parliament, fueled by Soros and other rainbow branches, is all a ploy to turn even a virgin in moral terms world site to Sodom and Gomorrah. Liberals can sculpt anything, because “freedom”, it is this: who knows where her boundaries, when everything is possible?

But how to keep it that way so that it doesn’t dry out and was only in the right direction? Tolerance to absolutely everything became a law of life? To the future generation itself is already taught their children the art of self-destruction? Nature has already handled the physical aspect undermined by the given patterns, but, hell, you can’t discount the intangible that determines not only the meaning of life, but goes far beyond it, untouchable by anyone. And I want this “svobodnaia of the free” or not, they still have if not reverent attitude to the fact that no one can escape, at least a veiled fear him.

Yeah, I about death and about what happens around her, about the feelings that she is a normal person and what a mystery it is for centuries in religion, philosophy, art and everyday life. And that’s just in everyday life, liberal Western society death has long been taboo: people don’t die at home ― they die in hospitals, nursing homes, and sometimes asked to stop treatment or resort to euthanasia, thereby protecting them from unnecessary suffering of their loved ones and society living in a world where you need to be happy from morning to evening and from evening until morning. Death should disappear or at least become invisible: farewell and burial in a closed coffin, mourning ― in buttoned-up soul. After all, if we won’t live forever, we cease to consume. Or start thinking in a free from the consumption of time. Not about the body but about the soul. We can’t allow this. So instead of understanding the true death comes the toy, a remote, from a Hollywood blockbuster and a horror movie or violent video games. This death does not care. She is a strange, artificial, just what we need a world-arbiters, not knowing real war and grief in their own territory, to be reared by them on computer games newfound humanoid was able impartially to shoot at real human targets in the wars, bringing the wealth of their founders in foreign territories. The trivialization of death.

Taboo genuine, that evokes real feelings, and the green light ― his substitution.

I recently saw a post of a young American creative mummy, which has several children and who also works as a babysitter. She is terribly proud and glad, what a wonderful gift for Halloween she and her husband gave their children dressed up and sagamonova their eleven-little brother into a zombie, passionless touch tumbled out the bloody innards of his “dead” dad. 115 000 posts (or maybe now more), joyful approvals, because mommy tried so hard not only to please but to inspire as many subscribers to its discovery.

And the owner of Facebook did not only endorse the trivialization of death, but allowed it to spread. And now try to post on Facebook a photo of a real death — “Gorlovka Madonna” with her child killed by the Ukrainian army, or turned into mush bombs those same arbiters of global fate of children in Syria and Yemen. Facebook will even find old publications and will immediately disguise them, threatening to ban you for trying to hurt the sensitivity of sensitive souls. You say that these photos displayed the true death, and photos and videos of American nurses ― just a game. But do the young children, who are invited to eat “cut a bloody father’s hand”? How unformed psyche of a minor child can determine the line between game and reality?

In my time working in Odessa in Medical alley, there was a Museum of criminology, where he was well received only health care providers. Among other unique exhibits was a picture of the siege of Leningrad with the description of the story to her. In dying from hunger city there were cases of cannibalism, which speculates today Western and liberal Russian press. Supposedly, there would be less deaths. The photo was presented to the family of several people, brewed in his kitchen in two huge tin pans dissected the human body. For this occupation it was caught in a police siege of the city, patrolling the maintenance of order, despite the inhuman conditions of life. After brief negotiations it was decided to shoot the whole family. Not escaped this fate and eight-year-old boy who pulled at the sleeve of the military and begged them not to throw away the “delicious meat” when they dumped the contents of the pots on the ground. The verdict of the cancellation was not subject for the simple reason that it is not the consciousness of the infant was recorded as normal killing and eating of human flesh.

Ie in the city, where they cooked jelly from leather straps, which collected soaked in sugar land on the site blown up by the Germans Badaevsky grocery stores, where in winter children went to the cemetery, to find in the snow up to his armpits a few sprigs of raspberry Bush and cook them tea, where they ate everything they could digest the stomach, where he died on the go or waiting in line for bread, people not only knew what nutiritional death, but tried to maintain a sense of human dignity in this hell, it does not result in what they wanted to turn those same forces which today analiziruyut death worldwide in unfeeling robots.

Today the liberal struggle for hearts and minds is gaining a supersonic speed. This is not a medieval battle, when came face to face two camps with swords, and not even the wars of the twentieth century. It’s a hybrid of sophistication to creeping inside the behavioral norms of all walks of life to create a new person (today’s child), fully controlled by those who will keep him on a leash. Ie imposed a taboo on taboos. The liberal Hydra coveted most sacred ― children.

So don’t forget to buy the latest smartphone your child, if you like everything Western.

By the way, employees of well-known Silicon valley give their offspring only 15 minutes a day.

Angelina SIAR

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