Taika Waititi says more about the way it would fit the cult movie Akira






It will soon be 30 years since the film Akira was released on the cinema screens and, quite frankly, we don’t see the time pass as the long-feature film by Katsuhiro Otomo is still on the road today. Then, inevitably, when we talk about adaptation live, one shudders a little.

However, this is clearly not the first time that we talk about it because it is still 25 years that it is expected. A quarter of a century of connections at startup, false hopes, true fears, however, have known some acceleration in recent years, the technology to restrancrire Neo-Tokyo, more readily today than in the 90s.



And if the shadow of a big hollywood studio is still hovering on the project Akira, it was thought that the broth of Ghost in the Shell calm down for a few enthusiasm. He must believe that no, since we learned later that the last month that Taika Waititi, director of Thor : Ragnarok, would rather take orders from such a film. If nothing has been officially confirmed by either the director, however, comes to reveal the micro site IGN that it was in negotiations with a studio not to say what had resulted from it :

“I am in discussion – it is more or less the rumour. What is sure, is that I was in discussions to do so, and this is a subject that fascinates me really. I love the manga, I love the film, but I will never do a remake of the film. I will do an adaptation of the manga… And so, yes, there have been a few discussions on this topic.”

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Waititi, if we loose a big info about his vision of the adaptation, however, remains careful not to tell us what it is in the background. But, in parallel, it points the finger at a few big flaws of its predecessors, which shows clearly that he has given considerable thought to the question :

“I think that the use of the asian teen would be for me the best way to make the film. Not people known, but new talents. Yes, I want to probably bring me closer a little more of the manga.”



Therefore, no risk of white-washing, as was the case with Ghost in the Shell or Death Note more recently, the adaptation would be ultra-faithful. What we like of course, even if it is hard to see a studio spend hundreds of millions of dollars in a film with strangers. As we say, a movie !? Both movies ! Since in reality, according to the plan of Waititi, Akira would fit the manga into two films that would correspond to two specific times in its history (and that it is therefore not going to spoiler here).

How can you say that, of a sudden, we want to see what it can give and that in the last 25 years to a pinball machine are almost a thing of the past ?