Taiwan authorities fear the worst-case scenario in relations with China

Власти Тайваня опасаются худшего сценария в отношениях с Китаем

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Taiwan Joseph has accused China of increasing political pressure and try to influence the outcome of the presidential election. This writes the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

On the background of the struggle for the presidency of the island China again stated that his reunification with China is inevitable. This is a warning, expressed in the communiqué of the Plenum of the CPC Central Committee, was accompanied by a promise to maintain the current lifestyle of the Taiwanese. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Taiwan has rejected these promises.

Elections in Taiwan to be held in January 2020. The current head of state is seeking election for a second term. Cai often repeated that is not going to change the status quo existing between the two shores of the Taiwan Strait. But Beijing obviously don’t take it seriously. And the pressure on the island which is de facto independent, is growing.

China, many economically weak small States of Africa, Latin America and Oceania financial assistance and profitable infrastructure projects, has ensured that a number of them broke off diplomatic ties with Taipei and established them with Beijing. We are talking about the seven countries are Burkina Faso, Dominican Republic, Sao Tome and Principe, Panama, El Salvador, Solomon Islands. Last September 22 diplomatic relations with Taiwan broke off the Pacific nation of Kiribati.

Joseph in an interview with Reuters said that China can win over to their side several countries and thus undermine the prestige of the President of the Cai before the election. Taiwan holds on to this account consultations with the United States. Their goal is not to give Beijing to put pressure on the remaining 15 States recognizing the independence of the island.

The main competitor of the President of the Cai of the January election, the opposition party the Kuomintang Han Guoyu, previously talked a lot about that closer economic ties with the mainland is beneficial to Taiwan. But, as noted by CNBC, such arguments are now few on the island are convincing. After all, Taiwanese greatly alarmed by the demonstrations in Hong Kong. There, we recall, held protests, attempted to revise one of the key provisions that ensure the special status of that city: about non-issuance of local residents to law enforcement authorities of the PRC. Beijing, as you know, promises to provide Taiwan after reunification status, similar to what is now in Hong Kong. But that just frightens the inhabitants of the island. Minister Joseph in this regard notes: “People in Taiwan understand that with the formula of “One country, two systems” in Hong Kong is something wrong. The Taiwanese do not want to be in the same position”. But most of all, the Minister said, Taiwan should be wary, as if before the highest leadership of China created the problem of maintaining internal stability and a slowing economy. “We must prepare for the worst-case scenario – a military conflict,” Wu says.

The logic of the Minister, the Chinese economy is still growing, but as expected, its growth will slow to the lowest level in 30 years pace. May increase unemployment, resulting in the dissatisfaction of the masses. “The question may arise about whether to provide the highest President of China, XI Jinping, since he could not provide economic growth. This is a factor that may prompt Chinese leaders to take external action in order to divert people’s attention from the failures of domestic and economic policy,” says U.

Si came to power in 2012. The protests in Hong Kong became his most serious challenge in the past. Taipei, as seen from the interviews, will provide “some assistance on an individual basis to the people of Hong Kong fighting for freedom”. In what form, the Minister has not explained. But overall, Taiwan will not interfere in the Affairs of Hong Kong. Revelations of the Minister show that the relations between China and Taiwan is extremely deteriorated. Obviously, in Taipei I hope that in difficult times Washington it will not leave. According to experts, the US does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. But the law requires them to provide him with weapons.

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