Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage

На Тайване легализовали однополые браки

The Parliament of Taiwan, Asia’s first legalized same-sex marriage, reports

According to the law, couples will be able to apply for registration in the local “register of marriages” and to officially establish a family. The document spelled out the rights of same-sex couples, including inheritance rights.

Recall that in 2017 the constitutional court changed the definition of marriage in the Civil code as a Union solely between a man and a woman. Parliament was given two years to accept the changes.

Taiwan has long been considered a leader in Asia in the movement to protect LGBT rights. Here every year there are gay pride parades.

The President of Taiwan, Cai Inwang, who took office in 2016, said that she and her party support same-sex marriage. She promised to develop the appropriate law. However, its adoption was delayed due to the fact that at the referendum the majority of citizens voted against such changes.