Taiwan: two dead soldiers during an exercise simulating an invasion by China

Taïwan: deux soldats morts lors d’un exercice simulant une invasion par la Chine

Two soldiers from taiwan were killed Thursday in a helicopter accident during maneuvers in annual of the island intended to simulate an attack by communist China.

These maneuvers, which began Monday and spread over five days, are designed to test the capabilities of the armed forces, the taiwanese and see how they repousseraient a possible invasion.

Mainland China and Taiwan are administered since the late 1940s by the two governments rivals.

The communist regime based in Beijing considers the island as an integral part of chinese territory. He threatens to retake it by force in the event of a declaration of formal independence in Taipei.

Thursday, a helicopter from Bell 0H-58D crashed while he was returning to the air base of Hsinchu after participating in an exercise, killing the pilot and co-pilot, announced the army.

Among the manoeuvres that take place throughout the island, the scenario simulated Thursday, a deployment of military capabilities (fighter aircraft, warships and ground troops) repelling an attempted landing on a beach in Taichung (West of Taiwan).

About 8,000 soldiers took part in this exercise which the chairperson Tsai Ing-wen attended.

“He has demonstrated to the world our strong defence capabilities and our strong determination to defend Taiwan “, she tweeted.

In recent decades, the territory has not ceased to be outdone in the armaments by the powerful people’s liberation Army (PLA) of china.

Beijing has stepped up its diplomatic pressure, economic and military to isolate the island after the election in 2016 of Ms. Tsai, who rejects the vision of a “one China” — a principle championed by Beijing and by the previous taiwanese government.

“China’s determination to safeguard its sovereignty and its security is indestructible. It is solid as a rock, ” responded Thursday, Hua Chunying, spokesperson of chinese ministry of foreign Affairs.

“That the people’s Republic of China carries out the reunification of the motherland is something inevitable “, she said at a press briefing.

In recent months, military aircraft, the chinese have moved closer to the island with an unprecedented frequency, in breach of several times its area air defence and leading Taipei to launch its devices.

Western governments are reluctant to sell weapons to the authorities in taiwan, for fear of arousing the wrath of Beijing.

This has prompted Taiwan to develop its own equipment, including missiles, boats and a new aircraft for training.

Taiwan was, at the end of the chinese civil war in 1949, the refuge of the nationalists of the Kuomintang was defeated by the communists.

The plan in taiwan is called still “Republic of China” and wants the continuity of the legitimate the first republic of china was declared in 1912 on the mainland, Nanjing (Is).

Over the decades, an identity of taiwan distinct, however, appeared, and a number of the inhabitants of Taiwan no longer want reunification.

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