Tajikistan high school students pass the entrance exams

PHOTO : MIR / Maria Androsova


In Tajikistan started centralized entrance examinations centralized entrance exams. They are held simultaneously in all cities and districts of the Republic. To perform the test tasks can not only seniors, but also those who have been graduated from high school. Is it easy to become a student, tells the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Farangis Sosedova.

With only two transparent handles black, passport and invitation to the exam. First, applicants screened, fingerprinted. This is all to ensure that future students are not taking exams for each other.

Gulnora Gadoeva – not the mother of one of the graduates, and future student of Tajik state pedagogical University. Graduated from high school 22 years ago, entered the Republican College of culture, but to obtain higher education and could not.

“My girlfriend enrolled in the University last year, and I thought I should try it. To become a teacher of Junior classes – my old dream. Early to learn could not due to financial problems,” said Gadoeva.

“Dear students, today you pass the subtests in the subjects of “Tajik language”, “Mathematics”, “History” and “principles of state law,” says the examiner.

In three hours you need to perform 90 tests. They consist of two blocks “A” and “B”. First mandatory is to check basic knowledge of mathematics, Tajik language, history and fundamentals of state law. And the block “B” applicants job select themselves, depending on where you want to do: on natural-technical direction, Economics and geography, Philology, and art, history and law or medicine.

“Okay, hold please. So open. Cut, please” – the Professor explains to the entrant.

Sealed numbered box package with the exam booklets on the rules to access only the entrant.

For example, a high school student wants to study at the philological faculty. In block “B” it will solve the test tasks in the native language, English, literature and history. If the score is not enough for the first specialty, the computer will compare with a pass grade for other professions. This increases the chance for admission. Maximum possible score of 500 points.

“Most of the graduates – and it is 32 thousand – this year chose the fifth cluster medicine. In second place – Philology, but the law in this year’s list took the last place”, – said the employee of the National testing center Zamira abdusalomova.

The system of exams – is as transparent as possible. In classrooms equipped with video cameras, and how is tested in the online mode, watching observers, relatives and friends.

“Examinations rents SIS. And I look and worried about her. But I am glad that, having knowledge, you can go to College for free,” said a resident of the city of Dushanbe ramzia Vazirova.

This year the higher and secondary professional educational institutions of Tajikistan received more than 100 thousand high school students. For the first time, a single centralized exam will be conducted for the graduates of the 9th class.