Tajikistan increases exports of agricultural products to Russia

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Alan Kaziev


This year’s first crop of fruits and vegetables from Tajikistan will soon be sent to Russia. Countries are increasing cooperation in the field of agriculture. The development of the relations discussed President Emomali Rahmon and the Minister of agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev. Details found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Faith community.

In the governmental residence the atmosphere is conducive to the topic of conversation. Around flowering trees, green alleys, fountains.

The export potential of Tajikistan – more than 2 million tons of fruits, grapes, vegetables and honey. But this indicator, as decided at the meeting, can be increased. And yet – it is necessary to build a joint venture for the production of packaging materials, production of refrigerators and warehouses.

“We discussed the possibility of building a wholesale distribution center at the expense of Russian investments in Tajikistan. Also discussed the development of breeding livestock and seed material”, – said Patrushev.

District Dusti, southern Tajikistan. Here many of the fruits and berries ripen earlier than in other regions. From juicy peaches bent the branches. Next to ripening grapes, the pomegranate has blossomed. Most of this crop will be exported. Mainly in Russia.

“This year we plan to send to foreign markets about 3.5 thousand tons of agricultural products. The only problem is that farmers sell through intermediaries. It would be nice if they had contracted directly with them,” – said the head of the Department of agriculture Dusti district Rahim Boboev.

Everything that is grown in this southern province, farmers demonstrate to the Minister of agriculture of Russia. Right in the garden exhibition. Here is an early onion, new potatoes, sweet honey. In addition to the smells of berries and fruits in the air and the aroma of fresh baking. For guests in a national oven cooked thin bread, chapati. But to treat time left. Scheduled other meetings in the surrounding areas. For the farmers this visit is an opportunity to expand markets and to establish direct contacts, to conclude contracts and to export their products without intermediaries.