Take the last digit of the year of your birth and find out about yourself something NEW!

Возьмите последнюю цифру года вашего рождения и узнайте о себе что-то НОВЕНЬКОЕ!

It is believed that the year you were born predestined. And his soul chooses for a reason. The last digit of the year of your birth is particularly significant. Protects her one of the five basic elements. And your element defines the important moments in your life. Of course, you can not take it seriously. But the check is interesting, isn’t it?

According to the ancient Chinese calendar, which is focused on the Oriental horoscope, in each moment of time on Earth dominates one of the five main elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

Astrologers believe that these elements exert a powerful influence not only on nature but also on the nature of man. They determine his mental organization, habits and preferences.In what year were you born? Take the last digit of the year of your birth and find out about yourself something new!

1. The earth (the last digit of the year of birth – 8 and 9)

Возьмите последнюю цифру года вашего рождения и узнайте о себе что-то НОВЕНЬКОЕ!

The people of the earth element are reliable and patient. The strength of the earth gives them a responsibility towards loved ones. They have a lot of ambitions, but they are idealistic.

Down-to-earth, problems are solved gradually and with a sober head. They have well-developed intuition. The surrounding people try to be in “earthlings” because they have well-developed moral values. The people of the earth appreciate the ethics and discipline, and know how to use their own resources wisely due to its rather conservative nature.

The people of Earth are in a good relationship with money. Can see many things from the point of view of their future prospects. Are restrained in emotions, but also need to be loved.

“Earthlings” is not enough bit of adventure and liveliness. So cruel and stubborn. They want to control everything, and often guided solely by their benefits and interests. More than anything, they fear the unknown, and until the occurrence of panic attacks and depression.

The earth is the center, which is responsible for the change of seasons. The color of earth is yellowand it is associated with the digestive system, particularly the spleen and the stomach.

In addition, the “earthlings”, it is recommended to stay away from swampy areas with high humidity.

2. The fire (last digit of year of birth – 6 and 7)

Возьмите последнюю цифру года вашего рождения и узнайте о себе что-то НОВЕНЬКОЕ!

The people of Fire are always hungry for adventure and will never refuse to explore something new. This is a very active and energetic personality with the makings of great leaders, they love to compete and win.

People of the Fire, as a rule, appealing and attractive, they are unable to stand alone, preferring to surround himself with people and constant movement. In addition, they are very attached to loved ones and all sorts of possible support to any family ties. Of fire people features a high self-esteem and self-confidence, they are smart and friendly, decisive and spectacular, but also not devoid of oratorical talent.

Disadvantages of “fire” people is their aggressiveness and excessive desire to achieve goals by any means. In addition, they are overly emotional and suffer from a lack of patience. Selfish and overly ambitious. Rarely consider other people.

Fire is South, it is summer season. The color of fire red, it is associated with the vascular system and heart. The people of the fire are advised to stay away from excess heat and not to give in to outbursts of emotion.

3. Tree (last digit of year of birth – 4 and 5)

Возьмите последнюю цифру года вашего рождения и узнайте о себе что-то НОВЕНЬКОЕ!


People born under the auspices of a tree, very generous. They firmly adhere to our principles in terms of ethical behavior, love to explore the world and analyze the information, and they are also a rare power of persuasion.

People tree is very artistic and creative, which often manifests itself in everything they can get their hands on. They are hardworking and always looking for something to do, trying to constantly be busy and believing that work is the best use of their forces. Confidence is one of the best of their features.

“Wooden people” always grateful for all that they have, and not trying to chase the luxuries or to jump above own head, although the scope of their interests is extensive and varied. They are loyal friends and never behave selfishly, are the perfect team workers and very compassionate to other people.

The disadvantages of tree people include their extravagance. They are sinning so that they can take on more tasks than they can handle, and therefore often overload themselves with work that does not benefit anyone. In other words, the tree people should learn to set themselves limits and to correctly calculate the forces. In certain conditions they can become overly dependent on others, and even to get lost in the crowd, in many ways, this is possible only because of their passivity, and a certain slowness.

The wood is Eastand its season is spring, respectively, the color green. The tree is interconnected with the gall bladder and liver. Representatives of this element should be avoided areas dominated by strong winds.

4. Water (the last digit of the year of birth – 2 and 3)

Возьмите последнюю цифру года вашего рождения и узнайте о себе что-то НОВЕНЬКОЕ!

Water, are considered charming and helpful, and they know how to sympathize. They are very flexible and are perfectly able to go with the flow. In addition, they are smart and creative. People water great imagination and they are not afraid to use it.

Among them, many great philosophers and thinkers, they are very independent and often master several professions. Representatives of the water have perfect communication skills and can be very persuasive. Also of note is their outstanding ability in the field of diplomacy. They are very intuitive and are able to capture what escapes the attention of others. It’s a good organizers and good performers, they are able to notice special talents of other people and continue to help them to develop them.

Water can be secretive and insincere and never share their secrets with others. In addition, of them are seen expressed of the tendency to manipulate. They are always and everywhere trying to find a simple and easy way out, how different a certain passivity and often indulge our own and of other people’s whims. What they should learn – so it’s hard to stand on your own feet and go their own way. And the water should be avoided water, as paradoxical as it may sound.

Water is North. Season – winter color – black. Water is associated with bone and excretory systems.

5. Metal (last digit of year of birth 0 and 1)

Возьмите последнюю цифру года вашего рождения и узнайте о себе что-то НОВЕНЬКОЕ!

“Metal” people are very tenacious, independent and Autonomous, because of their powerful force of nature. They love themselves, but know how to care for and respect others. They tend to be quite reserved, but under external pressure, active and steadfast to defend themselves and their point of view.

The representatives of this element tend to prefer order and balance, balance and purity in all senses of the word. They are distinguished by their reliability and determination, although sometimes they are kept somewhat apart, not trying to be part of the crowd. When people metal know what they are looking for and want, their determination to be envied, because the obstacles and failures can never force these people to go all the way, and all the problems they can solve with ease. They have no fear of loneliness, and the only thing they want from society – the recognition of their achievements and successes.

Among the disadvantages of the metal men, you can mark them for periodic impulsiveness. Consciously or subconsciously, they all have an irresistible craving for luxury, money and power. Often they can be stubborn and behave unreasonably. As leaders, people of metal is very demanding and want the subordinates to meet their high standards and expectations.

Metal is the West. Season – autumn. Metal color – white. Metal is associated with respiratory system and lungs.

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