Taken 2: Catherine, the feminist

Prise 2: Catherine, la féministe

In 1999, a thirty-year-old sassy and funny, she landed at the Radio-Canada television in a “sitcom” that bore his name. We had previously known the character in the excellent comedy “the Major and vaccinated”, to the same antenna. But this time, our colorful Catherine had all the spotlights on it. To his very great happiness!

Hold on to your toque with the pin, the tornado “Catherine” will resume service next Monday, flanked by his severe flatmate Sophie (Marie-Hélène Thibault), her awkward landlord Rachel (Dominique Michel), her colleague a bit macho Charles (François Papineau) and his employee of a convenience store favorite, Mr. Ming (Khanh Hua), for which any cost, it will be remembered, 5,95 $.

The line Taken 2 rebroadcasts the show that was once joined – the Friday and then the Thursday night – viewers who are fond of intrigue, comedy crafted by the authors Jean-François Léger, Stéphan Dubé and Sylvie Moreau, who also instilled in all of his madness to Catherine the personifying.

“I’ve always been very proud of this project, both at the level of the production, the creators of the writing, is delighted the actress in an interview. And I think, frankly, that it has aged quite well, because it was of great quality. I’m glad I get back to it, because it has really created a craze; I’m still talking, 15 years later.”

Woman and resourceful

At the end of the 1990’s, Sylvie Moreau began flirting with fame, as his Catherine did with just about any man that crossed his path. “Catherine” is entered into our lounges shortly after the delivery of Sylvie in “Post-Mortem”, by Louis Bélanger (1998), had launched her film career. But it is obviously “Catherine” that was done by the most known to the general public.

“It has often been necessary that I tell people that I was still smarter than my character, guffaws the actress. I did like the side offender of Catherine, which is my nature in life. By “crime” I mean not necessarily obey the rules just because there are rules…”

In the eyes of Sylvie Moreau, it is clear that Catherine embodied feminism before the subject became a matter of debate.

“As I coécrivais, I had the chance to put my own concerns and questions about the seduction, says the designer. Why would a woman seductive is not perceived in the same way that a man seducer? These are the questions that I asked myself a lot at that time, and “Catherine” was a perfect vehicle for talking about that stuff. A woman who is mad or who is free is not at all perceived in the same way that a man who does the same things. Why would a man drunk, this is funny, but a girl drunk, it’s vulgar? We wanted to show a girl that remains charming and funny, in control of herself, even when she placed herself in situations which do not have a look. She is resourceful and has a lot of social intelligence.”

Also broadcast on TV5 World 20 years ago, with French sub-titles to clarify the quebecois accent, “Catherine” has enabled Sylvie Moreau to be known in countries such as Vietnam, Spain, and Bahrain.

“At that time, I was playing a lot in the theater, touring in Europe, and people recognised me for “Catherine”, ” recalls Sylvie Moreau. They did not see only the side of fufu’s character; they see also the great freedom that it gave, to transgress certain rules.”

“Street King”

Elsewhere on our screens, we can see Sylvie Moreau in “King Street”, “new sitcom” Club

illico whose dialogue is entirely improvised. She embodies the mother invasive and controlling of Pier-Luc Funk.

“Improvisation has been a big part of my life and my training, and I also teach at the national theatre School. This is something that I’ve always loved, which has allowed me to explore my imagination. It was great to be able to participate in this project, with the addition of improvising incredibly. In a show like this, it takes the punch, be able to develop, to reach out to another, creating dialogues. I find the formula amazing, perfect for improvisers here, because we have a lot of expertise in this field”, concludes that has long been part of the LNI and who will return in “The blue hour” when filming tv resume.

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