Talking about concessions. What is happening with pension reform?

Заговорили об уступках. Что происходит с пенсионной реформой?

Pension reform, which was announced almost a month ago, stalled slightly. After the majority of Russians were against raising the retirement age, the authorities are trying to shift the responsibility for unpopular reforms on each other. Probably the extreme here would be the government and deputies of the state Duma.

Against this backdrop, even the most loyal to the regime, the Duma started talking about the easing of severe pension law. However nekomercheskoe changes in reform can make only one person. Which so far is silent.

About any concessions to gently talking power

The sharp reaction of the population to messages about raising the retirement age and unwillingness to go on the direct conflict with the voters prompted the search for compromise solutions even the Pro-government party “United Russia”.

In particular, the United Russia does not propose to change the age of retirement for women who have three or four children, write “Vedomosti”. They also require you to preserve all the lists of professions, the holders of which are eligible for benefits upon retirement.

Deputies will try to maintain the benefits provided to retirees in the current age. We are talking about a discount on property tax — it can bind to biological age and not the age of retirement. One of the ideas for discussion with the government graduated pension. It is possible to retire on the same terms, but lower payouts.

The Parliament also considered the question of reducing the retirement age for women to 60 years, reported “Interfax” a source in the state Duma. The relevant amendments can be made to the bill on pension reform for the second reading.

Does not exclude other changes in the existing bill. So, it may appear the norm, according to which workers with more insurance experience (45 years for men and 40 for women) can retire two years earlier.

Why angry Volodin

In the state Duma waiting for comments on pension reform from regional parliaments, although the law allows us to consider the project without any reaction from the regions. However, the regions from making any decisions on pension issues under any pretext, shy away.

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin this passivity angered, reports “Kommersant”. “Part of the legislative assemblies left very early in the holiday,” said the speaker of the state Duma.

“We see that today the legislative Assembly is not in a hurry to discuss the project (pension reform — ed. Anews) , and I would like to expressed our position on this issue, given that its waiting for our citizens”, — said Volodin.

Which regions have shied away from supporting reform

Positive reviews about pension reform in the lower house of Parliament has already allocated 61 region, said the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin. His words are on the Agency’s website.

However, researchers from the St. Petersburg policy Foundation estimated that only 27 of the 84 regions of Russia in one degree or another sided with the pension reform proposed by the government. This data leads the TV channel “Rain”.

According to the Fund, 24 in the region have shied away from meaningful reactions to pension reform. This, in particular, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Krasnodar and Primorsky Krai, Tver region. Their authorities have pointed out that the question does not apply to the powers of the region, and break away MPs, who are not yet able to present a common position.

Moscow and Moscow oblast are the only regions, which the government decided to shift the focus on counter-social measures — namely on transportation facilities.

Another 15 regions “gently distanced itself” from the reform. This, in particular, Crimea, Yakutia, the Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Voronezh, Irkutsk, Magadan, Novosibirsk, Orel, and Yaroslavl region.

Among the 11 regions that fully supported the pension reform, Altai, Bashkortostan, Buryatia, Mordovia, Chuvashia, Khabarovsk Krai, Amur, Kaliningrad, Kirov, Leningrad, Tambov region. Another 16 regions cautiously sided with the pension reform, among them St. Petersburg, the Republic of Adygea, Komi, Udmurtia and Kaluga, Novgorod, Saratov, Smolensk, Tula region.

What scares Ministry of labour

July 11, in a discussion about the possibility of easing pension reforms Ministry of labor intervened. If the parameters of raising the retirement age to mitigate, in particular, to reduce the threshold of retirement for women, the estimated rate of growth of pensions to ensure that will not succeed, said Deputy Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Andrey Poods. His words leads to “Interfax”.

The Deputy Minister added that the increase in pensions is one thousand rubles per year (7%) annually from 2019 was aimed only at raising the level for women is eight years (from 55 to 63 years) and for men — by five years (from 60 to 65). This increase already made in the budget strategy for 2019 — 2021.

Thus, the deputies will remain to discuss any compensatory measures, and the parameters of raising the retirement age will remain unchanged. Unless, of course, in the course of events did not intervene, President Vladimir Putin.

While he is from the discussion carefully distanciruemsa, but can make a decisive move for the second reading of the law. However, some experts believe that Putin did not say anything and forced to clean up the pension mess, the Cabinet of Ministers and deputies. How all this will affect the power of the Russian internal braces and durability of the vertical of power, now not undertake to say none of the most intelligent analyst.

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