Tammy Abraham to Roma – Mourinho is the perfect coach for the striker

Tammy Abraham to Roma – Mourinho is the perfect coach for the striker

Tammy Abraham to Roma – Mourinho is the perfect coach for the striker

It seems that not too long ago, a young English Target Man was a troubling prospect for most Premier League centers. Tammy Abraham under Frank Lampard’s debut season at Chelsea was a different breed, but under Thomas Tuchel, the former Villa Park borrower has barely shown glimpses of his old self.

José Mourinho and Roma are reportedly interested in Chelsea’s second forward Tammy Abraham. Roma’s new coach wants to add some offensive quality to his squad before the start of the season and Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham looks like the ideal choice for the club. The € 40m price valuation for the forward is one that Roma might be willing to take on.

The deal has reportedly already been agreed between the clubs, although specific details have yet to be identified. It is expected to be a loan-to-purchase agreement over the course of one to two years. Reports suggest that clubs are awaiting the player’s decision to finalize the deal. Arsenal, Atalanta and Aston Villa have also taken an interest in the English striker.

With Romelu Lukaku about to hit Stamford Bridge, Tammy Abraham will likely no longer be an option in the starting lineup. Therefore, it would be a good choice for all parties to take advantage of the transfer. As for Tammy Abraham, a move would likely buy her some playing time and could benefit her career in the long run. A move to Roma, where veteran forward Eden Dzeko could be on the move, sounds like the ideal choice for the young forward.


The Chelsea academy graduate spent most of his early career on loan. Two seasons at Bristol City and Aston Villa in the Championship earned him recognition. He also gained Premier League experience with Swansea City in the 2017/18 season.

His performances rewarded him with a call-up to the Chelsea senior team. His first full season with the Blues saw him score 15 goals in 34 appearances for the club. It was incredible loot for a young forward, and many told him it would be the next big thing.

However, the previous season did not favor the English. Tammy Abraham began to fall in the hierarchical order since the arrival of Timo Werner. The departure of Frank Lampard and the arrival of Thomas Tuchel did not help either. The prolific forward often flopped on the bench and failed to impress. During the latter parts of the season, he didn’t even make the team sheet. Finishing the season with just six Premier League goals in 22 appearances, Abraham’s future at the club looks dazzling.

However, he was still the team’s second best scorer. In fact, he had the best goals by ninety proportions of any player on the team, scoring one goal every other game. Therefore, it was not his ability to score goals that was in question, but his potential to help the team in other ways.

Timo Werner also scored just six times, but contributed 8 assists. The German was also a key prospect in creating space and opening up defenses, so his overall value to the team suited Thomas Tuchel’s plans. Unfortunate for Tammy Abraham, but necessary for Thomas Tuchel.


José Mourinho has once proclaimed himself as the special one. A rhetorical comment that has stuck with him ever since. But, to some extent, it is, although recent years have not shown it. One of the most successful coaches in world football, José Mourinho’s determination to win and his ability to instill his thoughts in his players is remarkable. His ability to transform players into the machines he wants to be is another asset that has helped him achieve success over the years.

Didier Drogba’s prominence is a prime example of Mourinho’s eye for the right talent. Drogba was everything Mourinho needed him to be, a bad machine, strong and imposing, and most importantly, capable of scoring goals. It was his transformation under Mourinho that helped Chelsea reach the peak of their success.

Tammy Abraham could very well be Mourinho’s next prodigy. Young, talented and hungry for goals, the young forward can benefit from Mourinho’s influence. The Portuguese manager is not looking for the kind of creative playmakers or forwards out of the world. Rather, he is more interested in strong and powerful clinical forwards, capable of scoring and being in scoring positions at every possible opportunity. Tammy Abraham is just that.

Your strike partnership with Borja Mayoral can also be beneficial. The relatively young age of the two forwards means that Mourinho will have more time to shape the two forwards. J

Mourinho has a lot to prove after disappointing streaks in recent seasons. So his time at Roma is crucial and everyone expects him to deliver. Therefore, Mourinho’s interest in an unstable 23-year-old striker arouses interest, the kind of interest he aroused when he wanted to sign the Ivorian in 2004.