Tamp-you old!

Our mayor of Montreal is to the angels.

This is the COVID has just given a superb opportunity to Valérie Plante and his party go ahead with their plans to eliminate the car and make the pedestrian shopping streets of Montreal. As by chance, of scholarly studies demonstrating that the businesses are most profitable on the streets reserved for cyclists and pedestrians to support their policies… it’s Like so!

Our mayor’s part for the glory, is preparing to close of the streets to motorists and to shrink still more those who had already undergone a slimming cure. Has The city hall and among the mayors of the boroughs we are proud to say that this operation has for purpose to promote the social distancing at the time of the COVID. The measures of distanciations have the wide back.

Several areas of Montreal will be redeveloped, including the one in Little Italy. Go outside motorists outcasts! Outside the old that the virus has not yet depleted!

To believe that the quebec population only consists of thirty-something marathoners, smooth and vegan. Too bad for the old man who is not pedalling, and can’t walk miles with their packages, that they rid!

The Jean-Talon market-wrenching misery since that projet Montréal has assené the coup de grace but have no fear, it will be reborn from its ashes thanks to the pedestrians and cyclists.

As if the shops of Montreal were not suffering enough already from these two months of confinement. When we think of the institutions placed under the protection of the bankruptcy act.

As for the traders who are not yet there, they know that they are a few days of losing their shirt. According to the party of the mayor Plant, they are happy about these developments that are said to be provisional. Let us doubt about it. You imitate the great cities of Europe where car traffic is much more dense than Montreal, which is a small town. We forget, in passing, that these cities have a mass transit that is more important than ours.

What emerges from these decisions is that Ms. Plante and his supporters make a complete abstraction of the elders. Are they aware that the percentage of people over the age of 65 is expected to double in the coming years?

And what of the forgotten greats that are the people with reduced mobility. It looks like they don’t exist, so many of our elected municipal officials, the mask completely.

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