Tanev feels safe

Tanev se sent en sécurité

While the NHL players all converging to the facilities of their respective teams, which will open officially training camps Monday, the MLS is struggling with a disturbing wave of players reported positive COVID-19.

Therefore, the FC Dallas said package and Carlos Vela, scorer of the circuit, has decided to make the dead end on the return to competition, followed by five players from the Vancouver Whitecaps. Matches have already been postponed.

Invited to comment on the recovery plan, announced Monday night by the NHL, Christopher Tanev, Vancouver Canucks, did not seem worried in addition to measurement.

“Everything is changing so fast that, yes, it could be that there have been several cases within the same team. Wish that person was infected when we drive to the cities, ” said the defender of the Canucks.

“Technically, once we’re in the bubble, if everyone complies with the regulations, we should be safe “, he added.

Fast on the trigger

It is necessary to say that the MLS has perhaps been a little fast on the trigger, designating the facilities of Disney in Orlando, florida as a land of welcome of the resumption of its activities.

Since this announcement, an explosion in the number of cases of COVID-19 has struck this southern State with full force. A record of 11 458 new infections has also been reported Saturday.

Canada, a good choice

On the side of the NHL, we waited as long as possible. Moreover, the choice of Edmonton and Toronto as cities, as well as being the last two in contention, still have not been confirmed. Thus, the circuit Bettman have left the door open in case of a resurgence of cases would be noted in these two canadian cities.

“It is a smart decision to have chosen these two cities. For the moment, these two places seem to have managed to contain the virus, ” noted the defender of 30 years.

The way that the pandemic is managed in the United States, it is far from being reassuring for the professional athletes, whether baseball, basketball or soccer. Also, Tanev should not be the only one to be relieved that the knock-out tournament of NHL to be held north of the border.

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