Tanned of childish things customers dumb

Tannés des enfantillages de clients bornés

The owners of the microbrewery de Neuville, who announced on Facebook the temporary closure of his pub on Saturday, have had enough of childish things and insults from a minority of customers recalcitrant.

Incidents with frustrated customers of the sanitary measures applied were the drops that made the vase overflow. Employees in particular have been the target of derogatory comments.

Tannés des enfantillages de clients bornés

Nathalie Simard

“I want so much to because, when public Health did not want to reopen the bars, I said to myself : “See, people know that the virus should not spread, they will behave well !” “tells the story of the co-owner and manager of the pub of The Spirit of bell Tower, Nathalie Simard, in interview to the Newspaper.

“But there, I understand what they were trying to anticipate. To us, it’s been two Fridays in a row that it happens. It was simply decided that there would not be a third Friday “, slice-t-it.

Groups of a dozen people have also pushed the plug in being obstinate in wanting to be seated at the same table in spite of the setpoint health applied per spot, giving rise to scenes of the school yard. “The lady was pulling on the table while I told him that they were already told not to move,” says, still flabbergasted, Ms. Simard, who received an apology the next day.

“It is unpleasant. When it happens once, okay. But twice, three times… “, allow it to glide, arguing that “95 %” of the customers adhere perfectly to the guidelines.


Ms. Simard indicates that it is in the end an “accumulation” that brought her, with her spouse and partner, Éric Blouin, to no longer accommodate guests for a time.

Microbreweries God of heaven !, in Saint-Jérôme, and The Wrecker, in Carleton-sur-Mer, have had to close several days due to a case of COVID-19, reopening each Saturday. However, a closure for The Spirit of the bell Tower would also mean the suspension of production at the brewery.

“The message that we would like to spend, it is to put the emphasis on respect, and mutual support. This is a temporary situation, but the temporary will last a long time if the recalcitrants continue to have this behavior there, ” says Ms. Simard, who does not exclude to keep his business closed for the rest of the summer season.

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