Tara Reid scared of appearing in a transparent dress

2017-10-13 17:11

Tara Reid scared of appearing in a transparent dress
The horror of Friday the 13th.

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This year, 13 October fell on a Friday, reports Rus.Media. Not a holiday, but many do not miss the opportunity to celebrate this day as something special. American actress Tara Reid began to celebrate the day before, scaring all those present with his appearance in a transparent dress.

When it comes to Tara Reid, it becomes immediately clear, don’t expect anything good. 41-year-old actress, no longer pleased its fans with appearance on the screen, can choose bad outfits like no other celebrity.

At the presentation of the new project, Snoop Dogg in Los Angeles Tara Reid appeared in a totally transparent dress, embroidered with red poppies. The author of the outfit was the designer of the brand YAS Couture, the stuff that sometimes comes out of Jennifer Lopez. Under the “naked” dress, the actress, as expected, ndovu wearing underwear, and his chest stuck a huge sticker that has unveiled itself at the first camera flash.

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