Targeted by homophobic attacks, Buttigieg denies “the lessons” of the pro-Trump

Visé par des attaques homophobes, Buttigieg refuse «les leçons» des pro-Trump

WASHINGTON | the candidate for the primary democrat Pete Buttigieg has assured Sunday to be “no lesson” or moral to receive from the supporters of Donald Trump, after you have suffered homophobic attacks of a radio host close to the president.

“My marriage is a faithful, loving, serious. I am proud of my marriage and of my husband,” said the Fox, very followed by the conservatives, the first candidate, openly gay with a chance to get the nomination of a major party.

“I have no lessons to receive about family values on the part of Rush Limbaugh or any person considering Donald Trump as a leader in moral as well as political,” added the former mayor of South Bend, a small town in Indiana.

The us president has been regularly in the headlines, both for its connection supposed with a former actress X-movie for his statements scabrous on women.

Figure of the sphere, conservative american, Rush Limbaugh mocked Wednesday, Pete Buttigieg, referring to “this type cheerful (…) embracing her husband on stage”. These words have taken on a special relevance, as they occurred a few days after a tribute made by Donald Trump to be the moderator before the Congress at large.

“America has changed, and we should have policies that accept all the world”, has yet commented Mr Buttigieg, 38 years, highlighting having been re-elected to South Bend after he revealed his homosexuality.

“I’m sad for the republican party if he is willing to accept this kind of rhetoric homophobic”, he declared, in his first direct response to these attacks.

The breakthrough of Pete Buttigieg, who came first and second in the first two stages of the primary, seems to be confused Donald Trump that, so far, has not attacked frontally, unlike the other contenders are democrats.

Interviewed Thursday on whether he thought that Americans could elect a president is a homosexual, the billionaire republican said: “I think yes”. “I think some wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t be part of this group to be honest”, he added in the radio broadcast of Geraldo Rivera.

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