Tariff setting is the quintessence of a failure of PR government

Punished himself worse than the famous unter-officer widow

Тарифная постановка - квинтэссенция провального пиара власти

baby cabal…)

Why this sounds bad? Even worse than one might expect from a neophyte? For various reasons… And as the quintessence of “slope” disgusting “tariff” statement. Hideous in form, content and necessary loss of reputation. Have fucked himself worse than the legendary NCO/officer’s widow. Immediately put on themselves a big pr cross. Then – only worse…… Entourage. Group obscure novamov with the overall negative image (each already caught in a scandal) tell the President truths in the style nibble sunflower seeds, regulars of the gate). The same slang, the same behavior and the same outcome… Then Someone without a last name (for the voter) with a rating of “okolonulya”, but with the boast of the Prime Minister, the gap-toothed “poking” the President, familiarly said-on camera – “come on, goof or what? Not sucked big ideas? Now rates will lower once and the ratings will jump back up to the heights of Jesus”… Goncharuk, casually, repeatedly humiliated the President. In all senses. Right, conceptually, legally, intellectually… And why? And who is this Goncharuk at all?….. Wider. If it was based on dense grandmothers who will samlaut emotion in their poor homes, then past. This traditional “ostentatious” the stylist to the ideal brought two well-fed character yesterday Poroshenko of Ukraine. One of which periodically with a pump met watermelon barges, and second, he was mad in the crumpled pants on the opening of public latrines in residential areas. In the elections, “grandmother” and other voters really appreciated the talents of these pererezali ribbons…… It is precisely the simplicity that worse than theft. Because what want to show? That the President is stupid and does not understand some basic things? He really believes in the omnipotence of administrative ability and a magic wand to instantly solve system problems? The country consists of inveterate idiots willing to eat the dumbest pr-brew? Or that the group of “negative” (in the reputational sense) features which have gained literally on the street, it may well humiliate VA and down and at the same bleary-eyed laugh? Cool. Decide all problems at once…… As I understand it, the guys from inner circle convinced the President that it is the ideal format of government. Through the creation of TV pictures, which team they supposedly solve a complex social problem). Yeah. Talented guys). It is obvious that it kills the reputation of the President as a man of solid and serious… For the first role out showrunners who have no management skills, but is Adequate to play tricks… the social group that one could rely on, simply twist a finger at his temple and moving away from the President. Next to be only f Ricky and opportunists Improvements will not be because of the improve begin only when you really understand the nature of phenomena…

Mikhail Podolyak
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