Tarot forecast for the week from 11 to 17 February 2019

Tarot-forecast – is a great way to look into the future and find answers to questions. Major Arcana of the Tarot “Consequences” will indicate the developments in the period from 11 to 17 February and will help to avoid trouble.

Таро-прогноз на тиждень з 11 по 17 лютого 2019

The forecast made by experts with the help of Tarot cards, talk about possible future events the week of Feb. Each representative Signs of the Zodiac, you should look at your schedule to make the right decision and avoid problems due to hasty action. Don’t forget that Arcana just pointing out a possible course of events, which will depend entirely on the decisions made. Be careful not to miss the important message, which can be subtle or obvious, informs Rus.Media.

Draw in positive life changes using the power of thought, and it’s important to be positive, and drive away melancholy. In this case, it will be easier to cope with temporary difficulties and not to become discouraged if the decision of the disputed question is not given immediately.


Arkan “Lovers” points to the need to take a decision on important person in my life Rams. At the beginning of the week is to pay attention to the relationship with a relative or loved one, to restore good relations and to find a compromise solution which will eliminate omissions.

“Peace” speaks about a surge of strength, thanks to which in the middle of the week Aries will be able to finish things or to start something new that will bring you to your goal. Twenty-first Arcanum tells about a wonderful time when any ideas you can bring to life, if you pay attention to details and listen to the voice of the heart.

On the card “the Fool” in life, the positive changes are that there is no point to resist. Unexpected solutions and creative attitude will help to avoid trouble and delays, and consequently, the rams in the weekend should not rely on standard ideas. Even if you have to start again, no need to despair, and then the solution of the problems and issues will come to you.


“Star” indicates a promising start to the week, when the Bulls will be able to fulfill the cherished desire. All that they will take on Monday, will result in success, if not to be lazy and leave it up to fate. On this map it is important to act as in the famous saying: “Eyes are afraid, and hands do”, and then fear will give way to new victories.

“The Hierophant” tells about a hidden meaning that you need to read the routine, and then it will be clear which direction to move on. Calves in the middle of the week is to rely on intuition and do not rely on the opinion of the environment.

“The fool” in the situation says about the new prospects that will be possible if the to go beyond the ordinary. Changes in the offing, but they will only take place if you cease to act stereotyped. Creativity and the desire to develop will help to find the door to a happy future.


Fifth Arkan “Hierophant” points to the opportunity to gain valuable advice and help from a loved one or mentor. On this map, the Twins should not reject help that will help you to understand complex issues and to complete the works without mistakes and delays.

“Fool” indicates prospects, changes and the emergence of something new and interesting that could become the next target. The twins in the middle of the week, do not be lazy and to shift the responsibility from their shoulders so as not to miss benefits.

The Arcanum “the Tower” symbolizes the collapse of the plans that did not need to overthrow the Twins in despair. This map is getting rid of the narrow framework that prevent further development and keep the illusions. Over time, the Twins will know what to regret about unfulfilled plans made no sense.


The chariot indicates a great start of the week that you can devote all the cases, completing them without delay. Before you can begin responsibilities, Cancers should pack it up and try not to lose small parts that will “puzzle” to emerge. In this case, the goal will be achieved in a short time.

“Fool” refers to the prospects that are not yet clear. To achieve new results in the middle of the week will help knowledge, and also the desire to find new ways for development, including independent learning or attending courses.

“Star” symbolizes the good mood and well-being, and optimism that will help Cancers to successfully complete any work begun. Arkan tells about a pleasant experience that can be the beginning of a romantic relationship or a productive cooperation in the business environment.


On the map, “MAG” at the beginning of the week the Lions should take the initiative in their own hands and deal with problems as they arrive. The courage, initiative will help, but the Lions need to keep emotions under control.

“The Emperor” card power, and leadership, and these qualities should be used wisely. Lions it is important to understand which cases or issues that require immediate solutions. It is necessary to begin in the middle of the week to the weekend to put the point and not return to it.

“The chariot” speaks of the care which will be required to select a further path. Impulsive actions can cause difficulties, so hurriedly to solve serious issues does not make sense.


“Star” indicates the beginning of a new stage of life. Virgins waiting for meeting and Dating that can be the beginning of a business cooperation. Monday could begin a romantic relationship or change for the better in couples.

“The high priestess” talks about the need to calmly accept changes. With this noose all the time, and that means you need to be patient and wait for opportunity to solve problems.

Arkan “Force” symbolizes the activity and readiness for struggle for well-being. This map Virgo will be able to resist the manipulators and find a way to increase their income. At the end of the week, judging from this Arcanum, it is important to use the arguments of reason and to eliminate impulsive actions.


“Devil” tells about the problems in communication for the outburst of Scales. On this map it is important to exercise caution and to follow the words, to avoid conflicts and disagreements with loved ones, and business environment.

“Lovers” indicate the possibility to start a romantic relationship for single people or solve conflicts in the family. This Arcana card of choice when Libra has to make compromises to avoid trouble in communication.

The chariot indicates a perfect time for new ideas and progress. With this lasso, Libra will be able to realize ambitious projects or to start over by going to another job or enrolling in school.


In the Arcana “the Wheel of fortune” Scorpios should remember that to put a spoke in the wheel of his own bike threatens to falls and injuries. This means that in the beginning of the week you should not try to control what goes on.

“Fool” indicates the problems of the past that are important to solve, so they don’t like about yourself. In the middle of the week Scorpions will have a chance to put the point in the disputed cases or to correct mistakes committed earlier.

“The devil” warns about the troubles that await those who can not cope with emotions and momentary impulses. With this lasso problems arise from over indulgence and sharp remarks of others.


In the beginning of the week Sagittarius will be able to stay alone to solve the necessary questions. The hermit says that important decisions easier to make in a calm state. To find balance you can use meditation or take a walk to gather my thoughts.

“The sun” means that the middle of the week will be a great time for something new. Archers will be able to begin without delay a long-planned business, and to complete the project to continue into the future.

“MAG” indicates the potential to use “to the fullest”. With this arcane archers should not refuse interesting offers, especially from the education and expansion of horizons.


The card “Death” in Capricorn indicates that in some cases they will be able to put an end and finally make time for new beginnings. With this Arcana, the transition to a new life stage will not last, if not to postpone the solution of urgent issues.

“The sun” symbolizes the perfect time when you can fully enjoy the results of their labors, or to undertake interesting things. With this lasso luck on the side of Capricorn, and therefore any difficulties for them.

“Justice” speaks of the need to find inner balance in order not to succumb to provocations and to honestly perform their duties. With this lasso Capricorns will be able to avoid difficulties and problems, if they are not to indulge a bad mood and blame their failures on the environment.


Map “Lovers” tells about a decision or choice with regard to the personal life of Aquarius. It could be ending a relationship that has exhausted itself or the meeting with the second half.

“Sun” indicates vitality and activity, confidence in the future, which is perfect for new beginnings. This map Aquarians will be able to leave the doubt and anxiety that prevent them to enjoy life and embody the most cherished dreams.

“Moon” tells about the internal contradictions that hinder Aquarians to make the right decisions. The Lasso indicates the need to overcome the fear of the first step into the unknown, so you do not regret the lost time and opportunities.


On the map, “MAG” Fish will be able to use past experience to achieve the desired success. Arkan speaks about the importance of independent decisions and, therefore, the opinion of the advisers and outside observers can only hurt started a Fish business.

“The hanged man” is evidence of the imminent changes that are about to break in to the life of the Fish. To stick to the usual course of things is not necessary in order to discard all the old and seek the new. The lasso can talk about changing positions in more promising, but requires greater efficiency and creativity.

“Moon” indicates that the fears are often unfounded. Distrust of Fishes can harm them and, therefore, it is important to stop to see the bad omens and to brace myself so as not to miss the best deals.