Tarot forecast for the week from 14 to 20 January 2019

The third week of the new 2019 may be time for the first victories, therefore, the representatives of the Zodiac Signs you should pay attention to the layouts of Tarot cards.

Таро-прогноз на тиждень з 14 по 20 січня 2019 року

Unique forecasts to help you formulate a plan of action and do not miss a luck, informs Rus.Media.

The hands of Tarot cards have helped many to choose the right path in the future. It is not necessary to make classifications for the direct guide to action, because they represent only possible developments that can be changed for the better, by taking informed decisions.

Each week can bring new victories, because the signs of the Zodiac should be based not only on predictions of the Tarot, but also to trust your instincts. The inner voice will tell you the right path to success, and therefore, he should learn to trust.


In a not so pleasant start week of January indicates the map “Moon”. The Rams may encounter deception or yourself fall into the trap of their own mistakes. Arkan warns that the Aries, it is important to be cautious, do not rush to make a decision and to carefully consider every step. This will help to avoid many troubles.

“Fool” tells about a happy occasion, when the Rams will be able to get what you want without difficulty. It is important to follow the signs of destiny that are sure to help find the door to the future. Also with this lasso is a calculated risk can lead to a happy change in life.

“Wheel of fortune” symbolizes the active end of the week. This map Rams will be able to complete the necessary tasks, and to direct its energies to learning something new. The harness may indicate a journey, during which will be able to bring to life positive change.


“MAG” indicates a great start to the week, when the Bulls will be able to solve previously deferred issues, or to do what is planned. On this map, luck is waiting for confident people, so do not be afraid to change your mind and choose the path of development that will meet the requirements of Bulls.

“Empress” indicates the wisdom and the ability to handle difficult situations without loss of time and effort. With this lasso problem can be in communication with loved ones a female, so in the middle of the week Tauruses should follow what they say to avoid conflict.

By arcane “Sun” end of the week will be held on an optimistic note. January 18 will receive good news and tempting offers, and the Bulls will be able to improve their financial situation. This card tells of a happy period of life when any initiatives lead to success.


Monday Twins card “the Star” promises success and prosperity. With this lasso, any dreams become a reality, if the time to do the necessary things, and not to try to accelerate the passage of time. The twins should stick to a chosen direction and deliberately to do what is really important for them.

The middle of the week on the card “Justice” can be hard because of the large number of cases leaning. The twins do not panic, in order to avoid mistakes. Positive Lasso promises success, and therefore, careful attention to duty will bring success.

At the end of the week, the Twins will be able to take a risk and achieve their goals. On the card “the Hierophant” risky steps and actions must be congruent-that spontaneous actions can lead to a deadlock.


Cancers in the beginning of the week, according to the map “Wheel of fortune”, you should treat the situation with philosophic calm. Everything that happens in their lives is a natural result of decisions and actions in the past. Even a small trouble should not plunge into despair, as they are sure to be a bright line.

“Empress” has a positive influence on the resolution of conflict situations. With this lasso Cancers is to listen to him, to avoid collisions or to resolve disputed issues by peaceful means. The card also indicates the possibility of development, so in the middle of the week Cancers can begin learning something new.

Misty developments on the map of “Devil” it might become clear if Cancers are attentive. With this Arcana it’s important to stay honest with ourselves and other people, and choose the path that will lead to success. Cheating or not addressing the urgent problems can lead to trouble.


A harmonious start to the week for the map “the World” indicates a happy period, when the Lions can not be afraid for the progress of cases. Arkan tells about a situation when important work and decisions that lead to success in the shortest time. On this map ahead is not worth it, otherwise you can frighten luck, or not be able to perform everything that was planned.

The fifteenth Arcanum “the Devil” points to the obstacles that can arise on the way because of wrong decisions. Lions should listen to the voice of the heart and not to go against the will. From obsessive people or manipulators is the easiest way to get rid of, learning to say “no”.

“Justice” indicates success, but it can be achieved only in case, if you make informed decisions. Decency and honesty will help achieve new heights in the business environment, and also allow you to communicate with family and colleagues.


Map “Fool” tells the Virgins to the situation when they need to return to the Affairs of the past, to correct mistakes and inaccuracies. This will allow to avoid troubles in the future. Also the harness indicates that in the early weeks of negligent attitude to their duties can lead to a sad outcome.

Map “Moderation” means the balance: friendly attitude helps to smooth the conflict and without effort to achieve success. To avoid trouble you, reaching inner balance, therefore slow work and attention to detail will help to avoid mistakes.

“Emperor” tells about the ingenuity and wisdom help to get out of difficult situations and find the best ways to achieve the objectives. With this Arcana, the end of the week will be active, and Friday Virgo will be able to lay the Foundation for future achievements.


Map “World” indicates the Scales on the search for the meaning of life and our place under the Sun. With this lasso from 14 January to reach new heights, to get rid of Intrusive thoughts from the outside and find inner comfort. Arkan suggests that the decisions should come from the heart and not by compulsion of others.

“Moon” talks about temporary difficulties which slow the path to success. Weights in mid-January, you should pay attention to their actions and to give up what hinders development. Internal fears of the unknown can be overcome if we take the first step towards the dream.

“Tower” symbol of renewal. With this lasso Weights should abandon the outdated ideals or goals that lead to nowhere. Complexity in the choice of the path will pay a reward if the Scales will be able to decide, to say goodbye to the past and find the strength to go on without the sad stuff in the back.


The beginning of the week for the Scorpions will be a success. On the map, “the Sun” will be able to solve the accumulated problems or start the path to the previously set goals. Positive Lasso points to a time when any ideas you can bring to life and receive gifts from destiny for active work.

On the map, “the Court” Scorpio should listen to the inner voice. Intuition will tell the way out of difficult situations, and informed decisions will save you from problems in the future. This lasso is a positive start some serious business and strive to change for the better.

On the map, “MAG”, the Scorpios will help their determination and ingenuity. In extraordinary situations should not rely on standard solutions. Willpower and even trick will help you to become a leader, but we must act honestly, or in the future can be difficult.


“The devil” indicates the Arrows to the difficult beginning of the week. This major difficulties can arise from indulging our whims or failure of performance of duties. The card warns of obstacles on the way that it is important to go with your head held high.

The moon symbolizes intuition, you can rely on, if the solution is not a problem. With this lasso, it is important to deal with fear, to exclude wrong actions. Archers in the middle of the week will be able to overcome any difficulties, if stop trying to shift their responsibilities on to other shoulders.

“The hanged man” tells about a temporary suspension of the Affairs in that case the Archers will be distracted. The harness indicates the period when the attentive attitude to work will lead to success, so it is important to follow everything that happens in their life. Noticing the details, the Archers will be able to resolve any issues and achieve goals in the shortest possible time.


“MAG” Capricorn indicates that in the beginning of the week they should take the initiative in their hands and not to sit in the shade. The success of any business will depend on activity, so from January 14, do not abandon business proposals or additional responsibilities, which can lead to stunning success.

“The high priestess” symbolizes wisdom and intuition. With this lasso Capricorns will be able to choose the right path, deftly avoid the traps of destiny, and also to eliminate the influence of the manipulators. Arkan says about luck, but in the future, so all actions should be with a view to further development.

The main advice cards “Moderation” for Capricorns lack of haste. This map case will go to the mountain, but it is important to avoid stressful situations and overwork. Confidence and calm determination will help you succeed, but Capricorns should make a clear plan and follow each of the items, not looking ahead.


“The sun” symbolizes success, so Aquarius in the beginning of this week will be able to do what has long planned. Any action will lead to victory, if they do not use or desire to fraudulently reach new heights.

The devil warns of trouble with health, if Aquarians don’t take care of yourself. With this Arcana may exacerbation of chronic diseases or injuries due to carelessness, so Aquarians should be careful not to neglect the immune system.

The hermit tells of a time when Aquarius will be able to retire, to work on mistakes and to reassess the past. The harness means that success will be achieved by careful and confident people, able to abandon the outdated ideals and not to chase the phantoms of the past.


The beginning of the week for the map “Moon” will be no unpleasant incidents, if the Fish are no longer frightened of their duties. The case will go to the mountain, you only need to know where to begin, and follow the plan.

“The sun” symbolizes success and good news that mid-week will inspire Fish to new exploits. From this Arcana we can safely go towards the dream and hope will be realized. Honest work and promises will be the key to success.

“Justice” suggests that any actions will resonate in the future. In connection with these Fish it is important to exercise caution and to abandon the hasty and ill-considered decisions.