Tarot forecast for the week from 18 to 24 March 2019

Mid-spring is a pretty active time. Along with the awakening of nature spirits activities and strength it is important to spend wisely, guiding them in the right direction. Not to make a mistake and come to success will help the intuition, through which you can easily avoid troubles and problems.

Таро-прогноз на тиждень з 18 по 24 березня 2019 року

Experts came up with another forecast for a week from 18 to 24 March, which will help signs of the Zodiac to choose the right strategy to achieve well-being. Each of the individual classifications, and it is important to “try on” your life, studying the major Arcana. Cards do not always directly report the necessity of an action, so their message is important to treat in a relaxed atmosphere, informs Rus.Media.


“The tower” tells the rams to major changes in life. With this Arcanum the rams need ingenuity and resourcefulness to find a way out of the situation. The tower symbolizes progress, but only if people don’t oppose change, but it is also able to respond to changes and adapt to them.

The Arcanum “the Devil” in the schedule for Aries symbolizes the difficult middle of the week when they have to come to grips with their desires, which are harmful to the main business. This card talks about the importance to abandon the vicious weaknesses to prevent trouble in business and personal life.

“The high priestess” in conjunction with the Arcanum “the Devil” points to the lies and betrayal. This map Rams will face a difficult choice and responsible decision-making. It is important to rely on intuition, which will help to avoid conflicts with people, unfriendly-minded and willing to hurt with words or actions.


The Arcanum “the Tower” warns the Bulls about possible problems in business or personal life. According to this map before you come to success, Taurus will have to be smart and not make rash decisions. The map indicates Calves that they balance on the thin line between success and failure, which requires to be careful and cautious in the beginning of the week.

“Emperor” suggests that by the middle of this week, the Bulls will be able to get out of a difficult situation thanks to the wisdom and previously obtained knowledge. With this Arcana may not only rapid growth, but pleasant changes in your personal life. The main Board of the fourth Arkana: to act honestly and responsibly, and then there is no “mess” can’t stop to realize our plans.

Map “Force” indicates the ability to achieve success, but the goal should be to go without the use of force. To do this, Taurus has great knowledge and confidence that they doing the right thing. Informed decisions and lack of haste will allow you to perform the most cherished desires by the 24th of March.


The arcane “Mage” calls the Twins to develop their talents and use your abilities to overcome difficulties. Earlier in the week they nothing and nobody will prevent to achieve the plan if the Twins will stop doubting and take the first step towards the dream. Perseverance will help to take a leadership position and come to success.

The “Emperor” talks about the need to defend their point of view, not be afraid of obstacles on the way, if the Twins are confident that they are right. On the map, “the Emperor” do not trust unfamiliar people and lend them their savings. There is a risk to get to “paw” through fraud neobdumannye action.

On the map “Moon” the Twins will be able to achieve success if you stop to doubt their own abilities and to indulge unfounded fears. This Arkan advised to leave irrelevant experiences that do not allow to develop and distract from the main. Small difficulties created in order to temper the character, so cowardice would only take away from the success.


“Wheel of fortune” indicates changes when Cancers success will smile. This means that from Monday they should not lose time in vain. Despite the fact that on the map, “fortune” to change the events of the Cancers are not able to, they will definitely lead to success. Positive attitude and thirst for change will be the optimal strategy.

Arkan “Lovers” points to the need to make some difficult choices, but he promises change for the better. In the middle of the week Cancers will be at a crossroads, and they need to make informed decisions that we don’t have to spare.

“The high priestess” indicates Cancers for the opportunity to reveal some secrets and to clarify further. The lasso symbolizes wisdom: Cancers can change your future for the better, if they will listen to reason and heart.


“Moderation” suggests a quick resolution of difficult situations and conflicts. Lions should curb your enthusiasm and compromise to avoid further trouble. This lasso is a great opportunity to enjoy what happens in life, and come to internal equilibrium that helps to deftly avoid obstacles on the path to personal happiness.

The Emperor promises the Lions a strong position in the business environment and in personal life. With this lasso to make a decision rashly is not necessary, because the wise Lions know that speed can lead to tragic consequences, and competent actions will accelerate the path to victory.

In the Arcana “the high priestess” the end of the week, it is important to spend alone, not communicating with people who can hurt you. “Priestess,” warns that Lions will soon be able to answer urgent questions, but it is important to carefully monitor developments and not to miss even minor details.


The sun symbolizes happiness and success, and therefore Monday will start for Virgins with the positive. With this lasso, you can start grandiose projects and be confident that everything will work out as planned. “Sun” indicates the ability to leave behind doubt, to resolve conflicts and avoid problems.

On the map, “the Court” Virgo will be able to deal with difficulties, if you stop going on about other people’s opinions. With this lasso, it is important to stick to honesty that will allow you to rid yourself of the obsessive detractors. The harness can indicate problems only in case, if earlier, the virgin had acted dishonestly.

“The Hierophant” also talks about the win and future success if a Virgo is honest with themselves and the world around you. Following the laws of ethics and morality will enable you to deftly evade the inevitable trouble and continue the path to the goal.


“Hanged” refers to the Weights of the possible difficulties that will take place in the case if you work carelessly. Those who are not accustomed to sit idly by, the Lasso indicates only a slight delay, which does not hurt. On this map it is important to closely monitor all processes in order to eliminate inaccuracies.

Arkan “Lovers” in the schedule of Weights indicates the necessity of choice. On this map waiting for you ahead, pleasant Outlook. To do this, Weights will have to act decisively, but gently. Lonely representatives of this Sign, the card may promise you soon with the second half.

“Wheel of fortune” says favorable developments, however, the karmic map reminds us that in life there are no coincidences and everything that happens in the moment, is a reflection of past deeds or actions. Weights it is best not to try to change the events that happen, and to extract the wise lessons, in the future, not to repeat the mistakes.


The appearance of the Arcanum “the World” in the scenario promises the Scorpions receiving the reward, the attainment of inner harmony and the disappearance of obstacles to personal well-being. In conjunction with the card “the Empress” “the World” includes the completion of financial problems.

The Empress says that Scorpios should be careful to follow the signs of destiny. They will help find a way out of the predicament, not to miss advantageous offers and understand which direction to move.

“Justice” refers to the period when the Scorpions will “pay the bills”. The map indicates that the past tends to come back, and if in the past the Scorpions acted honestly, and in this they are in for a pleasant perspective. Those who previously cheated or acted dishonestly towards others, evil will come back like a boomerang.


The Arcanum “the Moon” warns the archers on the need to proceed with caution, to delete the adventure and undue haste. On this map potential shocks and not the good news, however, it is important to control myself in order not to aggravate the situation and find the right way out.

“The devil” indicates a false path that will lead the archers to a long-awaited goal. Council this map is not to indulge their weaknesses and not try to find benefits where it just can’t be. Sagittarius on this map is to avoid scams and to wait with the serious agreements.

On the card “high priestess” archers is to connect the intuition, which will help to avoid trouble. This card’s future is not determined, and you can change it here and now, making certain steps.


“Empress” tells the goats on the rapid achievement of the goal. According to this map, it is important not to hurry, otherwise haste may play a cruel joke and cast Capricorns in the beginning. The lasso symbolizes positive change, but to Capricorns it is important to come to internal equilibrium.

“The high priestess” mean wisdom, so, Capricorn will have to make important and fateful decisions. Every step must be precise, and then the goal will be achieved in the shortest period.

On the map, “Justice”, Capricorn will have to reap the fruits of past actions. At the end of the week will be an opportunity to solve problems and conflicts, if Capricorn will learn to admit their mistakes and failures.


“Power” refers to Aquarius at the perfect time when you need to act to achieve the desired goal. Aquarius Monday is to take on the case, in order not to let a favorable time and be on time to complete everything that was planned.

In the Arcana “the Fool” in life into unexpected changes that will be for Aquarius positive if they will be open to the new. It is possible that in the middle of the week received an unexpected proposal, the implementation of which may be the beginning of a career move or change positions.

“Death” promises deliverance from what has lost its relevance. It may be obsolete relationships, outdated goals and ideals that complicate the path to a happy life. Everything no longer makes sense for the future, it is important to leave behind, and then the Aquarius will be able to reach new heights, find a great purpose and to bring them to life.


The beginning of the week the Fish was marked with a card “the Hierophant”. With this Arcanum the Fish will have to find answers to questions. Often on this map, people turn to practitioners of meditation to a deeper understanding of themselves and find a way out of the situation.

Map “the Trial” promises Fish of deliverance from difficulties and complete the “black stripe”. On this map it is important to act according to justice, and then the trouble will be avoid, as there will be only to wait for positive developments.

“MAG” indicates development opportunities, both career and personal life. By the weekend the Fish will be able to achieve new successes, if you will firmly defend its position and is not afraid of the unknown. The will to win and wisdom will allow without delay to implement all that is needed.