Tarzan told the whole truth about the affair his wife Natasha Koroleva

A well-known stripper and husband of singer Natasha Koroleva Sergei Glushko told the whole truth about his personal life.

Тарзан розповів всю правду про зраду дружині Наташі Корольовій

Tarzan frankly admitted that he never cheated on his wife, reports Rus.Media.

First, the stripper thinks that if you love and respect a man, to change him, you should not. Secondly, the Queen is a very perceptive person and can immediately catch her husband in a lie.

Glushko is recognized as the actor from it is useless. He never knew how to dissemble. When he, along with his wife is public, everybody knows who he likes and who is not.

Tarzan is often criticized for Nude photos that he posts to Instagram. However, the artist says it is solely for publicity. Now everyone is doing it, and just get it.

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