Tasty and inexpensive: a nutritionist has shared his recipe is a healthy fast food

Вкусно и недорого: диетолог поделилась рецептом полезного фастфуда

Fast food fans can enjoy the foods inexpensive, and most importantly, health benefits. An alternative to the burgers to the newspaper “Evening Moscow” told by the dietician of the Centre of aesthetic beauty Elena Solomatina.

About the dangers of fast food it was stated more than once. However, many prefer this food because it is cheaper than restaurant meals, thus saving considerable time. According to Elena Solomatina, the average dinner at any fast food restaurant at least covers, and then exceeds the daily norm of calories. For an adult it varies in the range of 1500-2500. Such food disturbs the balance of hormones.

However, according to experts, if the fast food to prepare at home and quality products, it will become the useful properties. This dish can be safely given even to children.

The nutritionist advises sesame bun for a Burger to replace the whole wheat, chicken – boiled chicken meat or Turkey. Low fat cheese is recommended. Instead, you can take the cheese with spices. Add value to lettuce and slices of vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper.

Soft drinks Elena Solomatina recommends replace with fresh juices, and dessert smoothies enriched with proteins and minerals. According to experts, this diet does not require additional food processing and high material costs.