Tax credit for travellers: minister of Tourism will analyze the idea

Crédit d’impôt pour les voyageurs: la ministre du Tourisme analysera l’idée

The Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec suggests to turn to the government Legault to provide a tax credit to quebec travellers to stimulate the recovery, an idea which will be “crawled” by the minister of Tourism.

The Newspaper had echoed this proposal in its pages last Saturday, which was then relayed by an expert in tourism of UQAM.

This incentive is aimed to promote the tourism intra-Québec has been more and more talk in the middle of the tourism and in the corridors of government. The ceo of the Alliance, Martin Soucy, considers this measure “essential” and formally submitted to the minister, Caroline Proulx, last week, during a working meeting, among a range of proposals.

“It is an excellent measure, and I think the return on investment for the government would be pretty quick. It will give an impulse and it is money that will stay in the economy so the government benefits immediately. This is not a very expensive’, ja-t-it.

A federal-provincial program ?

This idea, moreover, is not new, and has been around for decades. The time has come, according to Mr. Soucy, going forward, as household income is affected since the beginning of the crisis. “It’s been 25 years that I am in the tourist industry, and it’s been 25 years that we talk about it. It would be even better if we could coordinate a program with the federal government because people are going to want to travel across the country,” he argued.

Questioned about this by The Newspaper, the minister Proulx has not closed the door and responded by email that “all ideas will be analyzed” by the government Legault in order to promote the tourism intra-Québec.

“Remember that measures to support businesses, across all sectors, as well as specific support measures for the tourism industry, have been announced by the government in recent weeks. Other will come, at the appropriate time”, she adds. “It is certain that we want to do, at the time of stimulus, first encourage Quebecers to discover or rediscover all the beautiful regions of Quebec.”

A member supported the idea

The mp independent of the Marie-Victorin, Catherine Fournier, had also suggested offering a tax credit for the holiday in Quebec, a few weeks ago, on his page Facebook, in anticipation of the exit from the crisis.

“It would be a nice incentive. It would have the potential to stimulate travel in Quebec at least of those who can, that is to say, the people who still have enough cash to travel and perhaps also for people who are a little more tight, expresses it in an interview.

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