Taxes and online commerce: QS returned to the charge

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Archives The canadian Press
The member of parliament for QS, Amir Khadir

Taking advantage of the crazy day of online shopping of the cyberlundi, Québec solidaire (QS) is returned to the load with its draft law seeking to impose taxes and fees to online merchants, so that they do not kill the local stores and neighborhood life.


In a shop of board games in the rue Saint-Denis in Montreal, the mna for QS, Amir Khadir, has recalled that their bill — filed about three weeks — is intended to ensure that the giants of e-commerce based abroad to pay taxes and the Quebec sales tax as all other businesses.


It is not just that they have that advantage that others do not, said Martin Cassel, the co-owner of the boutique, The Jack of Hearts.


The fact of not paying income taxes and sales taxes, and allows them obviously to offer their products at a better price. Unfair competition, says the member of parliament for Mercier.


Eventually, this could kill local businesses and destroy the neighborhood, to which these shops contribute, advance QS.


The draft law of the training policy that would ensure that an online merchant with $ 30,000 of sales in Quebec would be deemed to have an establishment and would, therefore, be required to pay taxes. In addition, the credit card companies — with which online purchases are made — would be regarded as agents of the sellers and required to collect sales tax.


The purpose of the bill is not to ban trade in line, but just to ensure that it is subject to the same rules as other vendors, was recalled by Mr. Khadir.

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