Taxes: sixteen additional cities will host the tax services

    Taxes: sixteen additional cities will host the tax services

    Posted on Dec. 2020 at 12:17Updated Dec 16. 2020 at 14:12

    The relocation of tax services on the territory is underway. To the 50 cities already selected by the government, 16 municipalities have just been added. The selection is now complete. This project, initiated a year ago, must “ allow the relocation of public jobs from large metropolitan areas and Paris to small or medium-sized towns, primarily located in rural and peri-urban areas “, Explains Bercy in a press release published on Wednesday.

    The project was obviously attractive: more than 400 municipalities, present in 84 departments have applied. The selection committee took into account criteria relating to “ on the social and economic situation of the territory, its attractiveness, the quality of the real estate solutions offered and the reception conditions “. Among the new cities selected: Amiens, Aurillac, Fougères, Loches, Nîmes or Riom.

    The 16 municipalities

    Amiens (80), Aurillac (15), Autun (71), Cambrai (59), Clermont (60), Dignes-les-Bains (04), Epinal (88), Fécamp (76), Fougères (35), Lannion (22), Loches (37), Mont de Marsan (40), Montbard (21), Nîmes (30), Riom (63), Vendôme (41).

    With this project, 2,500 agents from the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) – out of a total of approximately 100,000 agents – will be redeployed by 2024. Bercy wants to set an example in terms of decentralization and revitalization of the territory.

    Local networks and job cuts

    Agents attached to the Ministry of the Economy and Finance are concerned with other major projects. At the end of September, when the missions allocated to the first 50 cities were presented, Olivier Dussopt, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, recalled that a “Overhaul of the local network” was in progress. The Minister indicated that he was targeting 650 new contact points in the territory in 2021. The DGFiP “ will be present in 3,000 municipalities by 2023-2024 compared to 2,000 today, ”He stressed.

    Another project: that of job cuts. ” Between 2020 and 2022, 4,900 jobs will have been cut at the DGFiP », Confirmed Jérôme Fournel, the director general of the tax administration, in September.

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