Tayanna first told about the father of her child

Tayanna впервые рассказала об отце своего ребёнка

Tayanna is not only a talented singer but also a caring mother. The celebrity herself has a son Daniel, who will soon turn 6 years old. The boy’s father meets the son and does not help education in any way. However, according to the singer, Daniel is enough of male attention.

“Unfortunately, he does not participate in education. Absolutely no. Perhaps fortunately, I don’t know. But Daniel had no shortage of male companionship. Because I have three younger brothers – his three uncles, his grandfather is. About dad he basically remembers and misses” — said Tayanna in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Also, according to him, the boy is already actively preparing for school and enjoy visiting various clubs.

“It will be 6 years in October. It is, of course, goes to various educational circles, to dance what he likes. That is, I listen to his wishes. And now I began to notice that he wants to read, he brings me a book, he wants the letters to learn,” said Tayanna.


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