Tea in the train: why Putin gave Kim Jong Ynu coasters

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation



Saber and sword in exchange for a dime – a Russian tradition. The leaders of Russia and North Korea exchanged gifts at the summit in Vladivostok. This is the first visit to Russia, Kim Jong-UN, spoke eye to eye two hours instead of the scheduled fifty minutes. Details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Gleb Cranes.

The gift exchange following the meeting at the highest level – always a separate discussion. So at this time. A gift from the Commander in chief of North Korea, Chairman of the DPRK with a hint. Kim Jong-UN gives Vladimir Putin the Korean sword. Such offerings he is still nobody did.

“The sword represents the power, my soul and the souls of our people that supports you,” said the leader of the DPRK.

Putin North Korean counterpart thanked, he said that in Russia it is considered bad luck to give a weapon. So he is Kim Jong Ynu handed a coin to symbolically buy a sword.

Return gift Korean colleague – is also a national weapon, the sword. Also, according to tradition, in exchange for a coin. And another set of coasters for tea on memory – in his armored train. But before tea for the same Russian tradition lunch time.

Putin raised a toast to the strengthening of cooperation and the health of comrade Chairman Kim. The guest thanked for warm reception. Toast in North Korea turned a few pages, Kim Jong-UN eight minutes said.

“I am grateful that, despite your very busy schedule, Vladimir Putin arrived here from distant Moscow, having overcome thousand kilometers. For the development, strengthening and prosperity of the great Russian Federation, for the good health of President Putin for happiness and a beautiful future of the two countries, for the health of all present here comrades and friends,” said Kim Jong-UN.

A productive meeting was held behind closed doors. Instead of 50 minutes allotted for the Protocol, Kim Jong-UN and Vladimir Putin talked for two hours.

“We just had a fairly detailed conversation with eye to eye. We were able to talk about the history of our bilateral relations, and the present day, prospects of development of bilateral relations. Of course, we talked about the situation on the Korean Peninsula, and exchanged views on how and what should be done to ensure that the situation had good prospects for improvement”, – said Putin.

“Thank you for the great time and hope that our talks will continue in the same vein, in a useful and constructive way,” said the North Korean leader.

Prepared for the meeting very carefully. The guards of Kim Jong-UN even wiped the chair on which had to sit the leader of the DPRK, disinfectant wipe.

The informal part of the concert. The North Koreans love the chorus of war songs and dances, that they have a national. Kim Jong UN is no exception. After the song “Moscow-Pyongyang” academic ensemble of Regardie separate the gift from the North Korean side. There were many of Korean classics performed by Russian teams.

After the concert, Putin personally went to see Kim Jong-UN to his limo to the airport. And even in the moment of farewell they were partying long – something discussed, clenched handshake.