Teachers oppose fast-track negotiations

The teacher-members of the movement “out of breath… it is enough!” are opposed to the resumption of negotiations speeded up business enterprise by the government Legault with the public service.

In a letter which has been forwarded to the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, his spokesmen denounced the “pressure unimaginable,” imposed on teachers and their union representatives in the current context.

“We do not claim in any way be insensitive to the main concerns of the population and that is exactly the reason why we require the postponement of the negotiations. Let us the chance to continue in this direction without being in a position to neglect the interests of the parties concerned,” says Geneviève Groleau and Sabrina Duval.

Ms. Groleau represents the teachers and staff already in position, then, that Ms. Duval is expressed in the name of education students.

“Want to negotiate in these difficult times is simply a sign of bad faith with regard to the importance given to public sector negotiations. Trust has to be earned when the promises are hold”, they add.

The movement of breath… it is enough! was born in the wake of the adoption under the gag of the act 40. It has just over 200 members who say they are ready to resign if the work conditions in education do not change significantly.

“Although the current environment is difficult, we remain steadfast on our position that we will be leaving the middle of the education if the result of this negotiation does not meet our expectation. Please note that this resignation would take effect at the end of this crisis in order not to overload the networks that are already congested by it,” explain the authors of the letter.

Le Devoir reported Wednesday that negotiations had resumed between the unions and the government Legault in order to arrive at an agreement by Sunday, in a context of crisis.


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