Tears of melted ice

Des larmes de glace fondue

Sometimes, we would just have the taste of cry. A man and a woman met. They loved each other. Married. At the blessed age of peace and love. The Beatles recorded Abbey Road, Elvis was preparing for his Comeback Special, the NASA was a few flights of the big rocket Saturn to send Neil Armstrong to the moon.

They married and worked hard. Because the life of the years “sex and the hard rock” was not so easy. Even if Guy Lafleur was a champion counter of the national League and the Expos were always a win or two of the playoffs.

The mode of large families was passed, but they still raised three children. Who gave them five grandchildren.

In their case, the song Degeneration, of My Forefathers, did not apply too much.

They are loved even when Alzheimer’s disease has imposed and that it was necessary to install mom and dad in a home.

And then, there was the COVID-19, and they are dead. Not far from Laval. At a one week interval.

As are dead Andrew, the happy father-in-law, Renée Claude, Ghyslain Tremblay, and thousands of others. With their stories of a life.


Sometimes, we would just have the taste of cry. I was listening to the story of Marc-André Craig and Amélie Fortin at the end of the week. They are young and are passionate about it. Amélie teaches the figure skating since she knows how to stand up. It is telling you. Her boyfriend Marc-André is like it. They have founded a school, they have dozens of students and aimed for the olympic Games of 2026 in Milan. Their best students are too young to hope for a presence at the Beijing olympics in 2022.

They are involved with a private complex of three ice Chambly. Something serious and solid. All of their students, were not intended to try the great olympic adventure, but all and all dreamed of beautiful music bright when they jumped on the ice at five o’clock on a Saturday morning and mom or dad drinking a Tim Horton’s too sweet in the first row around the rink.


“It is simple, if the ministry of Isabelle Charest does not do something this week, this is the end for the figure skating in Quebec until the fall. We have 37 000 skaters registered, 1700 coaches in Quebec. Our children have not skated since the beginning of the confinement. But we, our sport is more complicated than the gymnastics, or athletics. Hope to resume teaching even within the detachment, we need ice. It starts to melt the ice around a bit because of the cost of refrigeration. Even a complex that has the kidneys to be as strong as ours, Chambly will have to resolve the inevitable “, explained Marc-André Craig.


Therefore, the department must give a signal of any kind this week if not the three ice Chambly and those of many ice rinks public will cease to be refrigerated. It is too expensive. We are going to melt.

“If, for security reasons, you must also learn to warm up the Zamboni, I’ll do it. I broke the heart to see so many young people have to sacrifice one passion so beautiful, ” said Craig.

I know that the sentence of 37 000 young skaters, it is nothing when you think of the thousands of deaths in NURSING homes, or the tens of thousands of new unemployed who discover with astonishment that their world, if câlinour it was three months ago, no longer exists.

How many new high school graduates at UQAM, Laval, Montreal or other quebec universities have prepared the rest of the year fabulous ?

Employers would not have the choice to be patient while our happy graduates envoleraient to Thailand, Vietnam or Japan with a detour to Malaysia or Bali. A few months at least. The job would wait for their return. Jobs, there were innovations.

Asia, after being offered the Peru in February and march, the new destination whooping cough in the university.

Other cats to whip

More job waiting. It was necessary to fall back on the PKU Justin, hoping that the promises of jobs from march will hold the road when this pandemic will be let go. Somewhere in 2021, I presume.

I have not said so clearly to Marc-André Craig, but I am very afraid that Isabelle Charest has a thousand other cats to whip this week. The ice will have melted.

It’s not just the figure skating. It would taste cry for all these young athletes who do not have the right to practice gymnastics, because the bars and the rings will not be disinfected. And for the son of Jeremy Filosa and those of Mathieu Boulay who are get stuck as 180 000 youth soccer players in Quebec.

It is fine to want to protect seniors. It is essential in a society advanced. But the young, how it will take to not smash their dreams ?

Isabelle, if you had removed your ice, would you have won a medal in the olympic Games in Lillehammer ?

Would you be minister ?

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