Teddy will touch the Magdalen Islands this afternoon

Teddy will touch the Magdalen Islands this afternoon

Post-tropical storm Teddy is expected to make landfall in the Magdalen Islands Wednesday afternoon, making landfall in Nova Scotia in the morning.

Environment Canada forecasts 50 mm of precipitation for the Magdalen Islands.

In short, it could fall, in a single afternoon, half of what the islands usually receive, on average, throughout the month of September.

“Torrential rains can cause flash floods and water accumulation on the roads. Flooding is possible in places in the lowlands ”, we warn in the weather alert.

The torrential rains are likely to end by late afternoon, if not early evening, it was reported.

Storm Teddy will then continue on its course north.

The Lower North Shore and Anticosti Island are also on alert. We expect 50 to 70 mm of rain by the night of Wednesday to Thursday.

Wednesday morning, it was Nova Scotia's turn to taste it.

Gusts of 90 to 100 km / h are expected.

In places, the waves could reach more than 10 meters.

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