Teenager in the United States found the jawbone of a mastodon

Подросток в США нашел челюсть мастодонта

In Iowa, a teenager found a jawbone of a mastodon. According to scientists, the discovery of 34 thousand years. The fossil bone belongs to an animal of the family of extinct mammals from the order Robotnik, writes

It is noted that the boy was looking for arrowheads, but found the fossilized remains. Paleontologists believe that the neighborhood discovery can be part of other minerals.

Now in the local Museum already has a collection of remains of other extinct animals found throughout the state. Among them are the giant sloths, giant beavers, giant short faced bears, bison, camels and horses.

Earlier, a rare discovery was made by a girl from North Carolina. The girl walked to one of the local beaches and decided to look for shells or other interesting “artifacts” on the shore. But the reality exceeded all her expectations. Under a layer of sand, she noticed an unusual object which turned out to be a tooth of a Megalodon – a giant shark that became extinct about two million years ago.