Teens in trouble “abandoned”

The angry parents say that struggling students in secondary school are the “great forgotten” of the plan back in the classroom presented yesterday by the government Legault.

“I have the migraine to force cry of rage,” says Nancy Ringuet, mother of two teenagers who have special needs.

The announcement of the closure of schools until September has been for her ” like a stroke of 2 X 4 to the face “.

“I have the impression that the needs of struggling students in secondary school are packed, forgotten. As if they didn’t exist, ” she said.

Even his eldest son of 16 years, who has a with attention deficit disorder, generalized anxiety, let out an expletive yesterday afternoon to learn that he would not return to the classroom, says his mother.

“He is in a training a semi-skilled occupation, he wanted to finish what he had started. It does not remotely, ” she explains.

His youngest boy, 12-year-old has a syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, disorders of attention, impulsivity, obsessive-compulsive and anxiety, in particular.

Impossible to make him do school work at home, tells his mother : “Since he is at home, I got him to do two sheets of math in me plucking the hair. The screens have become an obsession. ”

Ms. Ringuet is far from being the only one to have the impression to be dumped by the government Legault, ” says Bianca Nugent, president of the Coalition of parents of children with special needs in Quebec.

Des ados en difficulté «abandonnés»

Photo courtoisieBianca Nugent

Ms. Nugent has jumped, hearing a prime minister François Legault say that the back-to-school must be done ” for the good of the children “.

“The mental health, it stops at 12 years old ? The particular needs disappear as by magic after the sixth year ? ” quips she.

Set aside

Many parents feel that their teens are once again set aside, on the siding, she adds : “It is a great disappointment, but at the same time, one is not surprised. ”

The government Legault indicated that the educational follow-up will be enhanced for students in high school, but the special needs of troubled teens have never been mentioned. The prime minister, Legault has pointed out that it was easier for high school students to take courses at a distance.

The Association of pediatricians, which believes that the closure of schools until the fall is a “wise” decision on the plan of the public health, remains concerned.

“We continue to be concerned for our teens. It is necessary that the follow-up virtual, which will be intensified and that it is not only focused on the academic, ” says the paediatrician Marie-Claude Roy.

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