Tehran warns : extend the arms embargo would kill the nuclear deal

Téhéran avertit : prolonger l’embargo sur les armes tuerait l’accord nucléaire

TEHRAN | Extend the embargo of the un on the arms sales to Iran as is the wish of Washington would kill definitively what remains of the international agreement on the iranian nuclear issue, warned Sunday, a senior iranian.

This agreement “will be dead forever if the resolution 2231 [of the security Council of the united Nations] is circumvented and if the illegal sanctions on the [sales of] weapons in Iran are extended,” writes Ali Chamkhani, secretary of the supreme Council of national security of iran, in a tweet in English.

For several days, the United States put pressure on Germany, France and Great Britain (the three european countries parties to the agreement on the iranian nuclear issue concluded in Vienna in 2015) to obtain an extension of the embargo on arms sales, international islamic Republic.

This embargo, which must be lifted progressively from October, is part of a resolution of the resolution 2231, which confirms the Vienna agreement.

This text offers Tehran relief from international sanctions that asphyxiaient its economy in exchange of a guarantee intended to prove that Iran does not seek and will never seek to develop the atomic bomb.

But the agreement is in intensive care since the american president Donald Trump has denounced unilaterally in may 2018, before réimposer the economic sanctions against Iran that Washington had agreed to suspend under this text.

The inability of the other partners of the covenant (Moscow and Beijing in addition to London, Berlin and Paris) to help circumvent the devastating effect of the return of u.s. sanctions on its economy, Iran began to gradually return on most of its commitments, keys taken in Vienna, in accordance with, according to him, that allows the agreement.

Washington, which accuses, on the contrary, Tehran is violating the text, wants to prevent the lifting of the embargo on arms sales to Iran and were warned Wednesday to consider “all options” to achieve its ends.

The State Department is preparing a legal argument for recognition that the United States is still a “State participant” in the Vienna agreement in spite of their withdrawal.

The maneuver is designed to force the Europeans to choose between accepting to extend the arms embargo or allow the United States to trigger, as a “participating State” the re-imposition of any international sanctions against Iran lifted by the 2231, which for Iran, would conclude to bury the agreement.

“That will make” the european Union ? request Mr. Chamkhani : “save the honor and support multilateralism or accept humiliation by helping unilateralism ? “

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