Télé-Québec: the “substitute” special

Télé-Québec: des «suppléants» bien spéciaux

MONTREAL – one Would have thought possible, there’s only a month, to see Pierre-Yves Lord to become a professor of astronomy, Debbie Lynch-White teach French and Phil Roy transmit concepts of mathematics while jogging?

Yet this is happening today through the issuance of The deputies, inserted in the daily meeting Télé-Québec in a class, that the public channel has, since Monday, to compensate for the temporary closure of schools and providing pedagogical support to young people, the question to keep and consolidate student learning during the containment.


So that the tips of sprouts have their head-to-head with Élodie Attic to the sweet Moments with Passe-Partout and that the primary children to continue to learn with Anaïs Favron and Pascal Morissette at the home school, the teens, themselves, may refresh their memory and gain new knowledge thanks to the Alternates, forum housed at 15: 30 and hosted alternately by Pier-Luc Funk and Catherine Brunet.

Kim Grenier embodies go-Anywhere.

The two actors loved the young audience is intended for viewers with high school students as if they were their friends, and take time to drag to the passage a few secrets of the “school of life”, in skits, or challenges.

Catherine Brunet has already improvised a reading club and advised to the young rats of libraries of dive in The three musketeers, Alexandre Dumas, while Pier-Luc could create a course of conduct “in house” with folding chairs.

Each day, five “teachers substitutes”, aliases of renowned artists, who have received the “lesson plans” are developed by real specialists and educators to join them for the delivery of content consisting of belarus, approved by the ministry of Education.

On Tuesday, the comedian Guillaume Pineault has (awkwardly) responded to questions of biology, such as: why is there a sore neck when you look too long on his digital tablet? Marianne Verville, Rosalie Bonenfant, François Bellefeuille, Julien Lacroix, Julien Corriveau, Ludivine Reding and Louis T. also play the Émilie Bordeleau in the context of Alternates. All the secondary subjects are covered, including history and ethics.

The concept of Tele-Quebec class has been put on foot in just a few days. Filming began just a week. Pier-Luc Funk has co-authored texts on the eve of his first record.

“There are less than two weeks, it didn’t exist. Everyone is on the alert, currently. Everyone works hard and quickly. We have been a little fly, and you’re trying to do something good”, laughed in the interview, the actor, who enjoys having to now put on makeup and doing your hair itself to the needs of the camera.

Essential Service

“Forced” rest due to the pandemic – among other things, he took advantage of this lull professional to complete the writing of a film script, with Jean-Carl Boucher –, Pier-Luc Funk, renowned for having itchy feet, wanted to get involved socially when came the proposal of Télé-Québec to become an “alternate”.

“To me, it is where my essential service? That is what I can contribute, that is-what more can I do than to stay with us, homer? It has the air that is to pass on the knowledge through the television. I would have felt wrong to deny this opportunity to help. I’ve too much energy to spend, instead of breaking off affairs at home, I like better to have a place to concentrate and let go of my crazy. If it can help the teachers, and teens, so much the better!” said the one who should star in the third season of Plan B, for which shooting had to be postponed for the reasons that we know.

The alternates, Monday to Friday, 15: 30, Télé-Québec. For more information on the offer of Télé-Québec in a class, it consults the : enclasse.telequebec.tv.

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