Telegraph: the US Ambassador to Ukraine gave “explosive evidence” against trump

Charge d’affairs of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor told the congressmen, in exchange for military aid to the Donald trump demanded from Kiev to begin the investigation against Biden and Ukrainian politicians, who allegedly intervened in the American elections in 2016, writes The Daily Telegraph. The testimony of the diplomat contradict the statement of the head of the White house and, as I hope Democrats will support the impeachment proceedings, the newspaper notes.

Telegraph: посол США на Украине дал «взрывоопасные показания» против Трампа

GLPДональд trump wanted to provide military assistance to Ukraine, provided that its power will publicly announce investigations into the Biden family. Such a statement at hearings made by the us Ambassador William Taylor.

According to Taylor, trump wanted Vladimir Zelensky personally announced the beginning of the investigation. The White house hoped the Ukrainian President would be in “the public eye”. These “explosive testimony” Taylor directly contrary to the words of the American President. Trump denied that in exchange for American support, he asked Kiev to give him a return of political favor, the newspaper notes. Taylor admitted that he and other U.S. officials were concerned and “shocked” to learn about trump’s decision to temporarily halt the transfer of Ukraine assistance in the amount of $400 million, He was sure: this will lead to the fact that “more will die Ukrainians.” According to the diplomat, four members of the administration — Minister of defense, the Secretary of state, the CIA Director and national security adviser, tried to convince trump not to hold help. But, they agreed to organize a meeting with the President to discuss this issue “proved to be very difficult.” The testimony of Taylor, which he gave to the congressional committees under impeachment, was picked up by the Democrats. They called the Ambassador “an enormous change” in their investigation, which could result in the vote about the withdrawal of a trump of his powers. In the center of this investigation is the complaint of the employee of the American intelligence. According to the anonymous author, trump has put pressure on Zelensky, forcing to prosecute Joe Biden, with whom the American President can agree on next year’s election, and his son hunter, who previously worked for the Ukrainian company. According to this version of tramp for months purposely kept military assistance to Ukraine, “engulfed in civil war with Pro-Russian forces.” So he allegedly tried to force Kiev to investigate the activities of the company “Burisma”, which was hired hunter Biden, and the alleged intervention of the Ukrainian politicians in the us elections of 2016. The President has denied these accusations. But the testimony of Taylor, who serves as the interim attorney for the United States in Ukraine, were “a detailed rebuttal” statements trump, says the publication. The most notable part of a 15-page open statement is about conversations Taylor, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Andlondon. According to the diplomat, Sandland, personal attorney trump, Rudy Giuliani and several officials were in the group that was doing business with Ukraine “neustanno order” and thereby “undermine” the official diplomatic work. In his testimony, Taylor described several phone conversations with Sondengam, in which he discussed the postponement of the provision of assistance to Ukraine. In one of his talks, US Ambassador to the EU claimed that trump is not seeking anything in return. However, the memories of Taylor, Sandland also said that the American President wants his Ukrainian counterpart “clarified the situation” or everything comes to a standstill. That is, in the opinion of the chargé d’affaires, it was about the fact that Kiev does not receive help. At some point, Lindland stood up for the President’s behavior, Recalling his business past. “When the businessman plans to write a check to those who owe him something, the businessman asks about the Deposit,” he reportedly said Taylor. Earlier, Sandland he testified to Congress and denied that played a key role in the initiative to start investigations against Biden. While he has not commented on the testimony of Taylor. But the Democrats do not exclude that they can call the US Ambassador to the EU on the re-examination, draws the attention of The Daily Telegraph.

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