Telework: the power of adaptation of Fabien Cloutier

Télétravail: la force d’adaptation de Fabien Cloutier

When he started, three weeks ago already, to co-host the daily meeting “It go well” with Marie-Soleil Dion on TVA, Fabien Cloutier had to quickly get acquainted with the technology. If he admits that the first days were not easy, things are now going more smoothly.

“We’re finding our rhythm in it all. The preparation week and the first week on the air, it was a lot of work because he had to try, do it again, it was said to tame a whole new thing. But then, quietly, there is a method […], the pace of the normal work.”

Recorded from Monday to Thursday, the show also allowed him to acquire knowledge. “I learn things through that. And I like it a lot. This is also where I find my pleasure. It is sure that the first week, it was a lot: to manage the sound, the camera, the telework… But then, quietly, I find my comfort.”

Never alone, not stressed

In order to carry out the project and find his account, Fabien Cloutier has opted for a healthy attitude: do not impose a burden.

“I’ve decided not to be stressed out, to let go with the projects,” he says. We do four shows per week small team, each of our side. There will always be something to improve. When I finished one, I think the next day, I try to see what I can continue to improve, and how to have fun more and more in there.”

Even he acknowledges that”there is nothing that beats to see in the world”, this guys team appreciates his new professional reality, surrounded by his staff at a distance.

“We laugh in meeting, and I think we found a good way of working. We managed to make jokes… That’s for sure that it is not worth the true contact, but it is a new way to make you discover in all of this.

Although his daily life has greatly changed since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, Fabien Cloutier is not a part of those who have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Why? Because it has found an initiative that is dear to his heart.

“This project, I accepted because I was told that it could do good to the world. And this is what I try to do.”

Confident in the future

For the artist, the movement that is orchestrated on the small screen has something positive. “I find that our work is also worth to be questioned. Maybe we will discover new things from it all, a different way of making tv. Maybe that time, we will further go to people who are at home rather than always bringing the world together. Maybe we’ll preserve something of it.”

The changes that have already occurred in the world of work in a broad sense will also, squeeze-it, a positive impact. “I have the impression that no matter the job one has, it had, perhaps, forgotten that everything was fragile and that there are essential to advance in the future.”

3 tips for better live sound containment

Installed in his cottage in the eastern Townships since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, Fabien Cloutier has found ways to be well insulated. Here is what we might, like him, very well apply to facilitate our day:

Accept the unknown

“Just need to be able to make peace with a good share of the unknown,” says the artist. I’ve done it because he must find his happiness in here.”

Develop a self-help project

“You can see through a project like “It go well”, that we can help people. I am not a doctor, I am not a health professional; it is not my role now,” says Fabien Cloutier.

Wear clothes comfortable

“As soon as I stop the camera, I change my coat,” said the facilitator. And you never see my feet, but I have great hunting boots that go up almost to the knees. I have a half that passes to the screen, but the bottom is a little softer.”

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