teleworking remains privileged in France, but will be made more flexible as of Thursday

    teleworking remains privileged in France, but will be made more flexible as of Thursday

    As of Thursday, January 7, employees working from home will be able to return once a week to a company, if they “Feel the need” and with the agreement of their employer. “I keep saying that we have to prioritize teleworking (…), on the other hand I mean the employees (…) who can’t take it anymore. We must understand these psychological problems, these employees who suffer from isolation ”, repeated, Tuesday January 5, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, on Franceinfo.

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    Since the end of October, the corporate health protocol has imposed teleworking as a rule, specifying that it must be increased to 100% when all the tasks can be performed remotely. The relaxation of full teleworking will therefore be done solely on the basis of the employee’s voluntary work and with the employer’s agreement.

    After this first expected relaxation, Mme Borne had reported“A second milestone on January 20”, consisting in leaving the hand to the social partners, who have just concluded a national agreement, “To define in the social dialogue a minimum number of working days”. But the minister suggested to the social partners on Monday evening that this deadline would be postponed, due to the health situation.

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    Maintenance of aid for youth employment

    The Minister of Labor has also announced the extension of aid for youth employment at least until the end of March. This is part of the bonus of 4,000 euros (per year) for the hiring of a CDD of more than three months or CDI of a young person under 26 years old, bonus which was to end at the end of January, and on the other hand aid of 5,000 or 8,000 euros for an apprenticeship or professionalization contract which was to end at the end of February.

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    Mme Borne also confirmed the exemptions for the opening of shops on Sundays in January and perhaps at the beginning of February, despite the reservations of the employee organizations, who consider this contradictory with the lowering of the curfew to 6 p.m. in some departments.

    But this opening is decided after consultation with communities and social partners, detailed the minister on Franceinfo.

    “We have different situations depending on the outcome of the consultations [dans les départements]. In most cases, we will open as we do every year for sales Sundays, so the last two Sundays of January. “

    “There is no automaticity”, she added, recalling that the municipalities also had at their disposal “The mayor’s twelve Sundays” per year.

    The Minister also reaffirmed that the reform of unemployment insurance, suspended until April, “Remains a priority” and that consultation with the social partners on this subject would resume in the second half of January.

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