Tell me, what is your hobby, and see if you can be a leader

Your favorite activity clearly shows how you relate to work and what position you can occupy on the ladder.

Скажи, яке твоє хобі, і дізнайся, чи можеш ти бути керівником

Needlework is comparable to meditation, when all the emotions inside cease, harmonized with the surrounding space, giving us joy and strength.

The contractor

Cross stitch, knitting

You’re a hardworking man who is ready for a long time to carry out routine work. Know how to control your emotions and not to create conflicts. You have the makings of a leader, that’s just for you is an extra headache. Are you willing to give up the burden of leadership to someone else, and she will be quiet to show their skills, not vzvalivaya over excessive responsibility, informs Rus.Media.

Diamond embroidery (self-adhesive mosaic)

You used to work on a template, not willing to take the initiative and take responsibility. You can clearly fulfill someone else’s instructions, without thinking about their correctness and appropriateness. But your patience and care can be the envy of any routine will not be able to get you off balance, and quality – above all praise, because you almost don’t make mistakes.


Patchwork (patchwork)

You can see the whole picture, go to the goal, clearly knowing what steps need to be done. You can easily delegate authority and give orders, bringing people together. However, you don’t always explain to colleagues the ultimate goal, and they have to obey you blindly, trusting your instincts. But intuition rarely fails you, so you will be able to reach the heights, taking a leadership position.

Origami (making three-dimensional shapes out of paper)

Directness, clarity and confidence are your best qualities. You’re persistent, always sit tight, not retreating even in the most difficult situations. With you is not easy to negotiate, because you often see the world in black and white. But your ingenuity and the ability to wrap any situation to their advantage will make you a great leader.


Decoupage (decorating items with the help of applications)

You have a huge reserve of creative ideas and innovative vision of the world you create from the simple things masterpieces. You’re looking at the problem from unusual angles, finding the sometimes crazy but effective solutions. You are not able to adapt to others is hard for you to explain my point of view to others. Alone you work significantly more productive, without wasting time on empty talk.

Ikebana (create compositions of plants)

Important to you inner harmony and the ability to focus on the case. You don’t like it when you distract or impose their views, because to obey and to adapt is not for you. You used to be content with little, without risking in the pursuit of success and career growth to lose myself.

Team player

Scrapbooking (making photo albums using a variety of decorative elements)

Most of your ideas are related to communication, because you are not thinking of themselves alone. Important to you the praise and the esteem of others, are you ready to rally the team to support and cheer, but the presidency is not yours. You’re more of an emotional leader – a man who becomes an integral part of the team, not the one who will be able to manage and lead.

Quilling (creating a flat or three-dimensional images of twisted strips of paper)

You’re a little secretive, often going out in the world of fantasy, becoming distracted. You’re vulnerable and need the support of others. Your self-esteem depends on the opinion of others, so you can’t work outside of the collective. You need someone who will guide you and will make decisions for you, and who you can share experiences, dreams and plans.