Tell us about your vexation to find the babysitteur(e) ideal(e)

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  • Find a(e) good(e) babysitteur(e) can be tricky
  • Tell us your trials to find the rare pearl

The recruitment of babysitteurs, a whole story ! Because we do not want to leave his children with anyone, because it always seeks the
rare, the search can sometimes be complicated. Besides, you know, since you did you even
a few struggled to find the right person.

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Then of course you have found the babysitteur(e) ideal(e). But for the price of a few surprises : agencies not checking profiles, CV bidonné, strange behavior… You have believed in dreaming, or rather having nightmares !

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PS : We send a rain of ❤ on the super babysitteurs that count both for the families and does not recognize in these funny stories

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