Ten alcohols maple

Dix alcools à l’érable

With its fruity notes and woody, maple flavouring pleasantly alcohols. Maple water, or syrup, it can be used in different ways to enter into the composition of several spirits, but also wine and beer.

It is said that in the past our grandfathers enjoyed their visit to the sugar shack to add the reduced maple syrup for their gin or whisky. Some spirits reproduce this tradition.

The syrup or the maple water can also be incorporated before fermentation, the sugar is then turning it into alcohol, and leaving precious aromas, without too much residual sugar.

Here are our suggestions from different categories of products. Among these classics, but also some novelties.

Finding the right beer for you can take time. It took me a couple of years to find a couple of my favorite beers. It is pretty simple though, you have to be willing to try all different kinds of beer.

There are so many different styles of beer and even more beers within those categories. First I would recommend trying the different styles to get a taste of what you like. Here you get the best The Belgian Beer Company.

I recommend starting with wheat or pale ale just to get introduced to some common styles.

I tend to go to places with a build-your-own 6-pack, and just get 6 different styles of beer. Also, don’t let one bad beer in a particular style ruin your perception of that entire style.

Another note on styles you may not enjoy, find a food recipe that uses that style of beer and try it. Some of the flavor complexities work really well with certain foods!

1. Sparkling wines and maple syrup in the Domain Labranche

The sparkling wine of the Domaine Labranche is subtle and delicate. Slightly sweet, with a light sparkling with the champagne, it accompanies salads, as well as terrines and cheeses. The same delicacy with the pinkish maple and raspberry, and the wine from white maple, with discreet aromas of maple, balanced by a slight acidity.

  • On sale in the specialized shops as well as at the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ).

2. Cider maple Black Creek

It is an addition of maple syrup which gives its sparkling, this delicious cider, thanks to a second fermentation in the bottle. With its 6% alcohol and little taste of apples, this product is inspired by the ciders of the English type is designed to Hinchinbrooke, in Montérégie, from apples varieties, heritage and specially grown for cider.

  • It is found in specialty stores.

3. Beer at the maple Maplehurst Coaticook

Amber beer, brewed specially for the season of the sugars, the Maplehurst contains maple syrup. Thanks to its side slightly hopped and a bit of residual sugar, the result is a beer with aromas of wooded, without giving the impression that we drink syrup.

  • With 5.5 % alcohol, it can be found in convenience stores and specialist grocery stores.

4. Gin and reduced maple syrup

The reduced Leo is akin to the more close to the traditional recipe of our great-fathers : gin, fortified with reduced maple. Made from gin Marie-Victorin, the parsnips, the addition of reduced maple syrup, there are the herbaceous notes of the gin which balance out nicely the sweetness of the maple. Drinks very easily with its 23 % alcohol.

  • On sale in all the SAQ.

5. Liqueur, maple Noroi

Made of maple water fermented, distilled, and then added to syrup, the product of the distillery Noroi is made of 100 % maple. His little cool side, recalling the taste of taffy on snow, that one feels, just 23 % alcohol. Just arrived on the shelves of the SAQ, it will fly definitely the star this spring.

  • To discover absolutely.

6. Bud of the Distillery Wabasso

Developed from the gin Wabasso, in which the maple water and syrup have been added, the Bud is less sweet than other products in its class. Fragrant tea of the wood, more about the flavours of the maple water as the syrup, the liqueur reveals a small taste of bud, typical of the syrup, harvested late in the spring, when the buds of the maple are ready to open.

  • It is found at the SAQ.

7. Acerum white of the Distillery Shefford

The acerum is maple, the rum is the sugar cane, it is said. In the white version of the Distillery Shefford, where the maple water has been fermented, distilled, and then aged for a few months, we experience its taste is more pure. Very strong in alcohol with 40 %, a little peppery, it reminds us of the tequila. To discover for all lovers of spirits.

  • It is found at the SAQ.

8. Gin Reserves Kepler

The Distillery Kepler has risen to the challenge of making alcohol from the grain to the bottle for less than $ 45. Produced from corn and barley quebec, the gin Reserve also contains rye, which gives it a little spicy side. Aged in barrels that previously contained an alcohol of the maple, it reveals woody hints of maple, while being slightly sweet.

  • On sale at the SAQ from one day to the other.

9. Whiskey in the Coureur des bois maple

Essential, the whisky at the Coureur des bois maple Ungava became a classic for lovers of alcohol and sweet. Well balanced between sugar and alcohol, the taste of maple syrup, a little caramel, pulls to the brown sugar. Perfect to enjoy as a digestif or playing cards, it is 31.7 per cent alcohol.

  • On sale in all the SAQ.

10. Sortilège, maple cream, Station 22

Composed of canadian whisky, maple syrup, and real cream, Sortilège, maple cream is appreciated on ice, as well as in a delicious coffee drink. While smooth, it can also serve as the basis for nice cocktails, or drizzle over ice cream or cake.

With 15% alcohol, it is found in all of the SAQ.

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