Ten days of waiting for a close caregiver

Dix jours d’attente pour une proche aidante

Already thrown into mourning by the recent death of his mother in a CHSLD, a close caretaker complains of the slowness of the process that will allow him to care for his father in the same establishment, so that the request made by the prime minister Legault on this subject dates back to April 14.

The mother of Hélène Lavoie died at the age of 83, on 6 April, the Centre hosting Two-Shores (Repentigny). Since that time, Ms. Lavoie thinks only one thing : to provide care to his father, 88 years old, who suffers from Alzheimer’s in the same NURSING homes.

However, even if it matches the criteria of the easing of the presence of caregivers in NURSING homes, of the coordinators of the institution have told him several times not knowing if his help would be accepted, ” she says to the Newspaper.

“I feel useless “

For a year, before the pandemic situation, Ms. Lavoie was visiting his parents six days per week to feed and hydrate. She believes that her help would be appreciated by the employees to the beneficiaries who need to ” run from one edge and the other side “.

“The agents that I talk to tell me that they are overwhelmed. It would already be a patient of less to care for, and they already do not have much time for them individually. It is sure that I feel useless now “, she says, ensuring that the hotel is always busy of his parents.

While the prime minister Legault asking for “arms” to address the lack of workforce in the ltc facility, we had to wait ten days for the CISSS de Lanaudière contacts finally Ms. Lavoie to start the selection process.

A complicated bureaucracy

The mother of a family of Repentigny was made to the point where she feared that one ends by him categorically refuse to provide assistance if the waiting continued and his father took the COVID-19.

Recall that the new government directive provides that the establishment and the regional director of public health may suspend the reception of a caregiver in case of an outbreak in a unit or in the whole of a CHSLD.

“Why the bureaucracy is so long and complicated?, questions-she said, referring to the requests of the government that take the time to get ” on the ground “.

As of the date of 23 April, the Centre hosting Two-Shores recorded 11 cases of COVID-19.

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