Ten hints from your body that you need specific vitamins

Десять подсказок от вашего тела, что вам необходимы конкретные витамины

Your body gives you a lot of information, including about what is happening inside you, what perhaps you did not guess. The symptoms about which we will tell you will tell you what you need to regain your confidence and health.

Десять подсказок от вашего тела, что вам необходимы конкретные витамины1.If you notice that you have dandruff – this means that your diet lacks in healthy fatty acids, which are a kind of lubrication for your body. To solve this problem is enough to eat two fish meals a week. The rest you will find in walnuts and flax seeds.

2.Foods high in folic acid will keep your hair strong and healthy. But its low levels in the body due to lack of b vitamins will make them thin and fragile. But even one Cup of white rice and a Cup of raw spinach – correct this imbalance and will provide you sixty percent of your daily requirement.

3.The presence of white hair indicates that you have in the body lack of copper, which plays an important role in the production of melanin, which gives hair its color. Think about how to check its level and type in your diet, canned clams, oysters and mushrooms.

4. If your body requires more vitamin B12, you will notice that your mouth appear ulcerative lesions or cracks on the sides. To fix, you need to enter into the diet of additional sources of this vitamin. Eat more poultry, red meat and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, it’s a little more complicated, but it can be done with enriched foods such as dairy milk, cereals and dietary yeasts.

5. Bumps on hands means deficiency in zinc and vitamin A. This is because both nutrients are vital to maintaining skin health and play a key role in the recovery of wounds. In sufficient quantity, you can find zinc in poultry, hummus and pumpkin seeds, and vitamin a in sweet potatoes and cantaloupe. But if you produmyvayte about supplements, keep in mind that some of them are a waste of money and can be even dangerous for health.

6. The presence of inadequate acid in the stomach unlike the problem with the vitamin, but it can destroy the nutrients in food and to absorb the vitamins and minerals that you need. One of the possible solutions is to take medicine which will decrease your stomach acid. Some people also use Apple cider vinegar with water during meals.

7. Your fatigue despite a good night’s sleep, suggests that your body’s lack of vitamin D and its use will help you to get rid of this problem.. Studies have shown that after people get more vitamin D, they have a lot of energy and they forget about the fatigue. To solve this problem use the diet enriched dairy products (yogurt, milk), non-dairy (almond or soy milk), some fish (sardines), and even mushrooms grown under ultraviolet light.

8. If you are just something stumble and it turns to you with a huge bruise, think of the prosperity if you have vitamin C. It usually helps to make collagen, which is involved in the creation of blood vessels. Bruising “can be a sign that you have weakened capillaries that allow you to bleed”. Moreover, stress is undermining your supply of vitamin C, that is, you may need it more than you think. Strawberries, broccoli and mango are all products that contain more vitamin C than, say, orange.

9. Cramps in the calves of the legs causes a deficiency in magnesium or calcium.The electrolyte magnesium plays an important role along with calcium in muscle contraction. In this issue, for magnesium will help you food sources such as pumpkin seeds, bananas and avocado. As for the calcium, fortified milk contains more than the ordinary cow.

10. One of the reasons for constipation is lack of fiber in your diet. In fact, adults consume about half of the recommended 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women daily. Along with the consumption of more foods rich in magnesium, which plays a role in the movement of the chair, you can also consider a Supplement of 120 mg of magnesium citrate and increase as long as the regularity is not improved. And don’t forget about fiber. Good options for this include lentils, broccoli and apples

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