Ten weeks of confinement: when the mental health crumbles

Dix semaines de confinement: quand la santé mentale s’effrite

Browse through our list of on social networks, I’ve found over the last few weeks, as you without doubt, the impatience growing number of Quebecers, especially among young parents, on the verge of tears, in front of their children without the school framework.

And what about all those people whose state of health is too insecure or living in a region other than those of their close relatives, and who are thus deprived of the presence of their family ? All these people express themselves without a filter on these platforms, expressing their dismay at a situation where we do not yet know the end.

An energy eroded

In mid-march, early-containment, we were all mobilised in order to put Quebec on “pause” for some time, using our imagination to the situation. However, ten weeks later, and despite the first steps of the déconfinement, a great fatigue and psychological and physical settled, taking several forms : sleep disorders, sadness, anxiety, anger, and want to relocate to Mars to finally be able to rest !

Spring usually announces the renewal : at the end of classes, the arrival of the summer vacation, travel planning, etc however, the uncertainty remains, so that it is even more difficult to develop such projects, which adds to our weariness. We had first thought to be in a sprint, and then learn that we were engaged in a marathon… However, we find ourselves now in an ultra-marathon without any preparation in front of this new situation and taking longer than expected, no surprise that we are out of breath !

Training long-term

The containment we exhausted, as is the uncertainty that generates a lot of anxiety, but our pressure to “succeed” also : eat properly, don’t take weight, stimulate the children, and avoid that they get bored, etc, But it would be better to learn to live differently for a few months, adapt, and revise our priorities. In other words : give up some things to put our energies in the right place according to our priorities, such as family harmony, for example.

How to adapt to this new reality ? First, the impatience, the anger, and the lack of tact are the lot of all : to know how to recognize, talk about, and apologize allow you to release the tension, and the weight of the guilt. The shoulders on which to cry are may be rare, and if we are all in the same boat, some are less severe containment in our surroundings : listening can be very valuable.

In this context stressful, it is necessary to find an energy different from that used in the beginning of the pandemic. This new phase, the indeterminate, will still test our limits, and may be able to increase our feelings of depression and anxiety.

The right ingredients

How to mitigate these negative feelings ? First, by showing kindness to your surroundings, but also to your community. All the world is at the end of the roll, then what to send to walk a cyclist or a pedestrian is going to improve the situation ?

Be as gentle to yourselves and stop trying to achieve perfection : to lose patience, be counter-productive, lack concentration, it is human, and this is even more so in confinement period. Even if we do not know when this period will end, we must never lose sight of the fact that it will end well one day.

By then, you will know without a doubt be more bad days, and other mood swings, and this is quite normal. The people who do want to you can and want to comfort you, but if the problems persist or worsen, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

Do it for you, and leave your modesty aside. In these difficult times, it is not useful : being able to replace it for a bit more indulgence and compassion towards yourself.

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