ten young people indicted

    ten young people indicted

    Ten young people suspected of six looting of luxury shops in Paris in the space of two months, for a total damage of around 150,000 euros, were indicted on Friday and six of them imprisoned.

    The suspects, mostly men of 17 and 18, were arrested Wednesday after two months of investigation into a series of store attacks, the most recent on December 11 in the Moncler clothing store on Boulevard Saint-Germain , an affluent district of the capital.

    At the end of their custody, the prosecution opened Friday a judicial investigation for “aggravated thefts” and “violence in meetings without temporary interruption of work”. All were indicted by the investigating judge for the facts of theft and one of them for violence, said the judicial source.

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    Six of them were remanded in custody and the other four released under judicial supervision, said the source.

    The majority of the suspects come from the same district of the 20th arrondissement, in the east of the capital. “One of them had posted a photo of him and another suspect with the stolen clothes on his public Instagram account,” said a source familiar with the matter.

    CCTV images from the Moncler boutique on December 11, posted on social networks, show a dozen people entering single file and leaving less than a minute later with their arms loaded with luxury down jackets, the brand’s specialty.

    The sellers, who offered no resistance, had experienced the same scene two months earlier, on October 17. Their store had been robbed according to the same procedure.

    The gang allegedly committed four other lootings at another Moncler store and two Prada stores, one of which twice emptied several handbags.

    “The identification of the suspects was made thanks to a lot of work of cross-checking the CCTV images of stores, RATP and telephone investigations,” said the source close to the case.

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