Tennis behind closed doors: “It would be amazing,” says Auger-Aliassime

Tennis à huis clos: «Ce serait étonnant», affirme Auger-Aliassime

Confined to his home as most Quebecers have been due to the current pandemic of coronavirus, Félix Auger-Aliassime has recently been able to return to the sector of Monaco, where it usually leads with the members of his team.

He has also been a question, during his visit to Dave Morissette en direct TVA Sports on Wednesday.

“I am not at home currently. I am housed at the Academy of Patrick Mouratoglou. I have been tested on site upon my arrival. Because the result was negative, I was able to resume training. At this time, I can train at any hour of the day, so it is very good. This is also one of the reasons that pushed me to come here rather than me go to me.

“Usually, I exercise my game on the court in the morning, then I train in the gym in the afternoon. This morning, besides, I’ve practiced with Stefanos Tsitsipas, and then I worked physically in the room. The days are well loaded!”

To fly of its own wings

The COVID-19 has had many financial impacts across the planet.

Recently, Tennis Canada, which has had to make several cuts in the past few weeks, announced in Auger-Aliassime he could not receive his financial support.

How to snowshoe in quebec see this new reality?

“I believe that it was going to eventually happen next year, anyway. For me, it is an opening to cut the ties and become self-sustaining. I am now head of my company. I manage my team and my finances. I think it is a very educational. I am learning to know me even more.”

No tournament, no problem!

When asked whether the break on the circuit of the ATP the was teasing somewhat, Auger-Aliassime responded in the negative.

“This respite does not change anything to my first objective, which is to become the best tennis player possible. I want to win major tournaments when the action will resume, therefore, my motivation does not change.

“I’m taking one day at a time. I am working very hard to improve all facets of my game.”

The tennis court behind closed doors?

Winner of 18 titles in singles at the circuit of the ATP, the Croatian Marin Cilic has launched, on Wednesday morning, that he did not see how the tennis, put it on pause until the end of July, could return if the stands were thinning.

Thinks Felix?

“I would be ready to play, me. With what is happening at the moment, just having the opportunity to go on the field, this would be huge. Except that, as Marin has said, in terms of finance, a return may not be possible. The tournaments have to make money if they want to pay the players! This would be surprising as this may be possible. But if there is a way to get it working, I am leaving!”

Do things on the social networks

At the present time, Felix Auger-Aliassime is followed by more than 211 000 persons on the social network “Instagram”. In an era in which many athletes seem to have the “gift” to shoot himself in the foot on this type of platform, how Quebec composed with this aspect of his life?

“I have a great staff that advises me on this subject. The person who helps me with the social networks is really a remarkable work. She offers me new things.

“I try to project a positive image. I want people to see that I am genuine. I want to be an example for young people.”

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