Tennis: Djokovic to imagine a takeover by the “regional tournaments”

Tennis: Djokovic imagine une reprise par des «tournois régionaux»

Paris | To a complete stop since mid-march due to the coronavirus, the professional circuit of tennis could be resumed by “regional tournaments”, said on Tuesday the first racket world Novak Djokovic on social networks.

“I think there will be more regional tournaments with prizes. I think that is what it is going to happen very soon,” said the Serbian in a direct on Instagram with Fabio Fognini.

“All countries have a specific model to get out of the containment, and it will be difficult to restart our circuit, because it is played every week in a different country !”, recalled Djokovic.

“I think, therefore, that there will be more regional tournaments with prizes, but probably not of points (ATP) for the moment,” he repeated.

“For me, as a single player, it will be very difficult to play again this year,” said Fognini, who last year at this time, raised in Monte Carlo-his first trophy in Masters 1000.

“You, you come from Serbia, where the containment will be lifted on may 20, but in Spain it will be the 25 June… it is still difficult to pretend to play again in tournaments”, and he illustrated the Italian who wants to solve not to the player behind closed doors.

“Can you imagine a Grand Slam final without anyone in the stands ? “he-he arrested his colleague.

The tennis world is at a standstill since the beginning of march and until mid-July at least, after including the report of Roland-Garros in the fall, and the cancellation history of Wimbledon.

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