Tennis : the “Big Three” wants to help players in difficulty because of the coronavirus

Tennis : le « Big Three » veut aider les joueurs en difficulté à cause du coronavirus

The ” Big Three “, composed of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, was organised to help the players put in difficulty by the paralysis of the tennis world because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus, said the N. 1 in the world Novak Djokovic on Saturday on the social networks.

Its leadership could also make their contribution.

“I spoke to Roger (Federer) and Rafa (Nadal) a few days ago, we had a long conversation about the future of the tennis, which will happen, and in particular how we can contribute and help the players with less well-classified, that are most in difficulty,” replied Djokovic, when asked by the Swiss Stan Wawrinka on the way the tennis could help these players, during a live chat on Instagram on Saturday afternoon.

“The majority of the players ranked between 200th or 250th place in the world, and the 700 or 1000 are not supported by their federation, do not have sponsors, and are sort of left to fend for themselves,” says the Serbian.

“At this stage, it appears that there will be between 3 and 4.5 million dollars redistributed to these players,” he says, referring to a support fund (Player Relief Fund) to come, which could be supplied both by the ATP, ” probably the Grand Slam “, and the players.

According to the press, Djokovic, as the president of the Council of the players, and in agreement with Federer and Nadal, proposed in a message to all players that the members of the top 100 in singles, and top 20 in doubles, contribute to the fund, according to their ranking (out of 30 000 dollars for the top 5 to 5000 dollars from the 51st place).

To that million dollars about together, in addition to including a contribution similar to the ATP.

“The ATP is working” on the award criteria, with specific ” Djoko “.

“A lot of question marks “

“We’re going to try to do something to help the players who need it the most “, has just declared the president of the circuit male, Italian Andrea Gaudenzi, in an interview to the radio of ATP to be released on Friday.

If he said he was ” very touched by the fact that the big names expressing their desire to help players lower-ranked “, ” the difficulty, it is (…) that the reserves and resources of the ATP are not infinite “, he added.

“We rely on tournaments that are played and we don’t know when,” the circuit will re-start, completed Gaudenzi.

Djokovic has also considered that a part of the endowment of ” certain tournaments, can be the Masters (which brings together, in theory, the best eight players of the season in November), can be transferred to this fund support “, according to become of the season, and with the agreement of the players.

“Or if we’re not playing any more tournament this season, maybe we can collectively donate to this fund a certain percentage of our stock exchange at the Australian Open “, imagine there still.

“These players are the base of the tennis, his future. We must be united, show them that we will not forget “, he says.

What about, finally, the fate of tennis in a full pandemic ? “There are a lot of question marks. The disadvantage compared to organized sports at a national level, it is that one must travel week after week, from one country to another, from one continent to the other, ” says the N. 1 in the world.

“Maybe we should consider other concepts, such as play, by geographic area, Europe, the United States, are considering it. I hope there not going to be there, but if this crisis of the sars coronavirus is only getting worse, I am afraid that we must find solutions, because the players ranked between the 250th and 700th position as the world think to stop the tennis at the moment. “

The tennis world is at a standstill since the beginning of march and until mid-July at least, after including the report of Roland-Garros in the fall, and the cancellation history of Wimbledon.

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